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10 Ways to Use Hooks for Organizational Purposes


Have you ever used hooks as a keys organizer? We've all been there. Hooks are actually one of the most valuable organizational items you could have in your home. But, there are more ways to use it besides as a key organizer, and you'd be impressed by how amazing these hacks are. Say goodbye to drilling holes in your walls or not finding a place to organize small things around your home with these hook benefits. 


Plastic Bags in One Place

Tossing plastic bags in the garbage or the back of the sink works for some people, but what if there's a better way to organize them, so they're right there when you need one? Install a hook in the cabinet under your sink, and that's where your plastic bags should go.

Let Your Plants Thrive

Indoor plants, specifically a kitchen herb garden, can be a blessing. However, there's a lot that goes into planting than just watering them. For instance, your herbs or indoor plants will need a sufficient amount of sunlight. Hang them near windows using hooks so that they don't die anytime soon. 


Better Management for Baking Supplies

Most of us have heard about hanging kitchen utensils on hooks. Although, organizing baking supplies is a bigger headache with several different measuring spoons and cups all over the place. Use hooks to hang spoons and arrange them according to their size or usage.

Décor, Décor, and Décor Away!

One major concern for many people around the holidays is hanging décor. First, you'll have to hang them and then remove them when the time comes. Hooks make this work more accessible, too; there are no unnecessary scotch tapes and single-use hangars involved. Another tip is to use hooks to create a colorful backdrop for an event setup.

DIY Curtain Hangers

If curtain rods aren’t something that’s up your sleeve, consider curtain hooks. They’re budget-friendly, much less of a hassle, and they don’t stand out. So, it’s safe to say you can hang curtains without anybody noticing that the curtains aren’t hanging on curtain rods. 


Keep Your Devices Safe

No one recommends leaving your devices on the floor while they’re charging or expanding charging cables to the point that they get damaged. Here’s a better way to charge your devices and leave them unattended without any worries: place them inside a hanging hook or make a DIY lotion box first, hang it, and put your phone in it. 


A Rack for Your Veggies

Are you living in an area where the weather allows you to store your vegetables outside the refrigerator? Make use of it then! However, instead of letting them pile them in a corner and cluttering your kitchen, make a rack out of hooks and baskets. A multi-tiered stand can even provide more space. 


Hide the Wires and Cords

For wires and cords sticking out and giving your room a messy look, hooks provide a solution. Attach them to the furniture or nearby walls and pass those wires and cables through that, making them look much more organized.


Gamer’s Paradise

Gaming often calls for a bunch of different headphones, power adapters, cables, etc. It’d be so much simpler when they’re untangled and organized in a single area. Make a wall corner near your gaming PC where you can hang these things using hooks.


A Toys Net Hangar

There are multiple ways to organize your kid’s playroom so that it’s neat and clean but also gives them a place to play around. Make a DIY net hammock for your kid's height. This way, they can place their toys in the hamper when they're done playing. 


Final Verdict

We've just touched the surface of an endless list of things you can do by using hooks around your home. The best part is you can find them in all sizes, colors, and varieties. Therefore, take a trip down the tools aisle next time you're trying to organize your home in a better way.

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