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4 Steps to Make Your Mondays More Productive

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Monday's are a pain; it's a universal fact that everyone accepts. The weekend just ended, and no one's in the mood of going back to work or getting all those tasks done that you've been putting off for the weekday. While nothing takes away the struggle to get up on a Monday morning, some steps can help make your Mondays more productive.


1. Get Your Cleaning Done Before

Many people consider cleaning a chore or a responsibility instead of a task they look forward to performing. It's considered something that needs to be done instead of something that is wanted to be done. Among these people, the majority are people with jobs who are busy from Monday to Friday or Saturday. For these people, the time spent in cleaning can be utilized in doing something more productive if they manage to get it done on Sunday. So, if decluttering the house on Monday is taking up a big chunk of your time, try doing it a day or two earlier, and the only regret you'll have is not doing it earlier. Yes, Saturdays and Sundays are meant to be spent relaxing, but an hour or two of doing this chore won't hurt much. You'll notice that, in fact, not only do you manage to make your Mondays better, but your organizing the house also becomes more productive.


2. New Week's Resolutions

The beginning of a new year brings a sense of motivation and determination that is unmatched and hard to find during the rest of the year. According to research, humans are prone to attach meaning to beginnings. You can exploit this technique for Mondays as well by making a new week's resolution. Plan your entire week and set goals that you wish to achieve by Sunday. Start small, slow, and steady, and gradually build up once you've developed pace. Channel the excitement, positivity, and energy to drive you through the obstacles and make your Monday as productive as it can, and once you complete your objectives, you'll start your Tuesday in an even higher spirit, if that's possible.

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3. Take Small Breaks

This is probably the most enjoyable hack to make your Mondays more productive. It is humanly impossible to work an entire 8-hour shift without needing a small break. Scientists haven't reached a consensus yet, but the general range is somewhere between 50-90 minutes. As time passes by, productivity starts to decrease, and you spend more time trying to focus than getting the job done. So, it is important to continuously take small breaks, let go of all the negative emotions or straying thoughts, and bounce back with a renewed sense of enthusiasm. Silently meditating for a while helps greatly with concentration issues and problems focus. Experts suggest that the rule of 20 is quite effective and that everyone should try it at least once. After every 20 minutes, stare at anything that's at a distance of 20 feet for about 20 seconds. If this doesn’t work for you, use other motivation tricks to get you on your feet. 


4. Get One Task Done Immediately

The best way to start a Monday is by doing a small task early in the morning. The human brain is wired to feel a sense of contentment after performing a task, and science backs this up. There's a hormone called dopamine that is responsible for inducing satisfaction. Getting one thing done immediately can release that much-needed dopamine on an otherwise gloomy Monday morning to make you feel happy and cheery. Plus, getting started early in the morning will get you boosted for your daily chores list. Once you're in the right mood, there's nothing that can stop you from achieving the rest of your goals and making your Monday as productive as any other day of the week, if not more. So whenever you're making your Monday agenda, keep this tip in mind.

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Final Verdict

You can get a lot done on a Monday if you start the week efficiently. Not only will it make your entire Monday energetic, but a productive Monday can mean a productive week! A lazy, procrastinating Monday routine will throw you off till Friday. The more you make of your upcoming Monday, the better you'll feel.

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