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5 Spots You're Probably Never Cleaning

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Most of us are mindful of cleaning the visible spots around our homes. Unfortunately, the floors aren't the only place that needs your attention when it comes to dirt and debris collecting in corners. For example, many clean their walls whenever there's a stain or spider web around but forget about the corners. Here are six other spots you're either overlooking or not cleaning as frequently as you should:


1. Under the Furniture

If you're the sort of person who's obsessed with cleanliness, the heap of dust will be the monster under the bed, waiting for you to take a peak. The area under the furniture is often missed while cleaning the floor of the room. Dirt, debris, and even mites can accumulate there and make the area under your furniture their home. Sometimes, people skip these places because their broom isn't perfect and is not long enough. So to give the area under the bed and couch a good clean, use a long broom. A ceiling broom can be a great pick to sweep all the mess and check one of the spots off the list.


2. Inside the Sofa

It is common practice to clean the sofas' outside, and we just discussed how important it is to make sure there's no dirt underneath them. But, you're probably missing out on the inside of a sofa and never cleaning it. Pens, pencils, change, crumbs, and even some small parchments. If a kid's toy is missing, there's a chance that it's hiding inside the sofa with dust and dirt. It's one of the most frequent places that are skipped during the daily chores, but many germs and bacteria can accumulate. Cleaning this place might be a bit of a hassle, as it has to be vacuumed after pulling out the cushions, but it's worth it. Try adding an upholstery deep cleaning regime to your routine every 4-6 months. 

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3. Behind the Toilets

Because of obvious reasons, toilets can be one of the most contaminated places in a house. According to a survey, almost 10 percent of the people having an age of about 18-34 cleaned their toilets only once in six months, where men constituted the majority of this percentage. Hair, dirt, and dust can accumulate behind the toilet even if you regularly clean the inside and outside of a toilet. According to experts, a broom having a cloth over its bristles can be a great way to deal with this area, while some have even voted in favor of a cobweb catcher. So, whatever floats your boat, make sure you clean your toilets thoroughly and frequently. For extra efficiency, stock up on bathroom cleaning essentials to have your bathroom looking spick and span.


4. Doorknobs

Door knobs have to be the one place in your house that is most touched. Anyone who comes in or out of their rooms uses the doorknob. If a kid goes to the washroom, they touch the doorknob. You might be touching elevator buttons, public doors, and public transportation while you're out, and enter the home by turning the knob of the front door. In many instances, these are neither cleaned or disinfected as regularly as they should be, while some people, almost 10 percent according to a survey, don't even bother. Next time when you, your partner, or anyone else in your home is doing the daily chores, make sure they spend just 5 extra minutes and disinfect all the doorknobs using an eco-friendly disinfectant that gets rid of the germs.


5. Vacuum Filter

If you use modern vacuum cleaners, you'll be used to the bagless ones that don't need much cleaning. But if you have an old-fashioned traditional one, they come with vacuum filters that keep collecting dust and dirt. These have to be cleaned repeatedly to give the best performance while also getting rid of one of the hotspots of germs. If you don't replace the filter, it can be cleaned by removing it and rinsing it until all the dirt is washed out. Then, let the filter dry for at least a day before you put it back on. You can squeeze it to hasten the drying process a bit. If the filter is still moist, your house might smell of that typical bad stench every time you use your vacuum.


Final Take

Take a good look around your home, and consider everything you think doesn't need cleaning. Those are probably the places with accumulated gunk, and it only gets worse over time. Grab your cleaning kit, wiping cloths, and brooms and get on with it!

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