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5 Tips on Redesigning Your Backyard

Backyard design


The backyard is considered to be a pivotal part of any house. However, in many cases, it is often neglected. This leads to a decline in the overall value of the house. Studies have shown a decrease by up to a devastating 11% in the value of a house if the backyard is not maintained properly. Moreover, a backyard is a versatile part of your property that you would not want to ignore. If handled properly, a backyard can be a unique retreat for your family that not only caters to your taste but is also a physical manifestation of your personality itself. With that in mind, here are some tips that are sure to help you in redesigning your backyard:

1. Dividing the Backyard into Different Areas

Sectioning off your backyard makes it seem more spacious. One of the most common and practical ways to do this is through making pathways using stones or decorative pavers. It will give your backyard an aesthetically pleasing look while also giving it a clean layout which serves as a good foundation for further endeavors.

2. Using a Consistent Color Scheme

Visual appeal is one of the main aspects of any good backyard. Choosing the right colors to go together helps a lot in giving your backyard that visual aesthetic. Now once you have selected a good color scheme, it is imperative that you maintain a fair amount of consistency with the color scheme. A color scheme all over the place is always going to ruin the aesthetic of your backyard.

3. Use of Vegetation

One of the best strategies for having a good backyard is to grow a fair amount of plants. Different plants with varying heights are sure to make your backyard look better. Trees provide ample shade, while flowers are very pleasing to look at. You can play your part as a responsible citizen by growing backyard herbs and becoming more sustainable. With a wide variety of choices, plants are sure to work well with almost any redesigning ideas you might have. They are aesthetically pleasing and great for the environment!


Matching outdoor furniture

4. Matching Furniture

As already mentioned, consistency is key to a good backyard. This concept also applies to furniture. You should always make sure that your furniture shows the same key theme throughout. While mismatched furniture can still be practical, it is not at all a recommended look. In no way is it necessary for the furniture to be expensive, so long as it fits in with your landscaping choices. But, don’t forget to clean your backyard furniture weekly, at least, to keep it looking good as new!


5. Adding One Feature at a Time

No matter how good your idea for redesigning may be, money can always end up being an issue. Even the most modest backyard remodeling takes about $5,000 on average. Also, you can easily break $100,000 if you go for a fully decked out backyard, including a swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen, and a patio. The best way to avoid this issue is to add just one feature at a time. By doing this, you can still make solid progress while making sure that you will not break your bank in the process. The hard part isn’t adding new items to your backyard, but maintaining them. Make a schedule to clean your backyard every once in a while too, before the annual spring cleaning routine


Upgrading the backyard

Final Take:

The backyard is a part of your property that you should take full advantage of when customizing so that you can represent your taste in all simplicity while still being as technical with it as possible. It should be apparent to anyone that your backyard screams "you," as that is what really matters in the end.

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