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5 Ways to Get Rid of Smelly Shoe Odor

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Taking off your shoes amid an afternoon of scorching heat can be an embarrassing situation when those around you get a whiff of such a smelly odor. Let’s not forget the pairs of shoes stranded on the back of your closet because you just can’t get rid of the smell. All those stinky problems can be solved with the following methods:


1. Use a Newspaper 

Your feet have numerous sweat glands in them, and perspiration occurs throughout the day even if you're not exercising. This sweat can cause your shoes to smell disgusting, and a brilliant way to tackle this is using a newspaper. Whenever you come back home and take off your shoes, put a newspaper in them immediately and keep it in your shoes till you're ready to wear them again. It will help absorb the odor-producing sweat, and you'll be amazed at the results after trying this method. Bacteria and moisture can also give off a bad smell, and your morning paper can work wonders on absorbing that too, giving your shoes a fresh odor.


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2. Maintain the Insoles 

It is usually the insoles of the shoes that are the source of the bad smell. They absorb a lot of sweat and moisture and become host to various bacteria, the typical odor-producing agents. If the insole is torn, it is directly exposed to the outer environment and thus comes in direct contact with dirt, mud, dust, and numerous other things that can make your shoes stink. So, if the insoles are worn, replace them with new ones. If they're undamaged and are just dirty, take them to the laundry, add a tiny amount of laundry detergent, and let them have a spin in the washing machine. 


3. Freezing and Drying 

Freezing is scientifically proven to help kill bacteria. Although this may sound like an odd solution, it is quite effective as those microscopic organisms stand no chance against extreme cold. However, don't just toss your shoes in the freezer as is. Put them in a plastic bag and let them freeze overnight. Take them out a bit earlier than when you’d want to wear them so that you allow time for them to thaw. If you live in a place where the temperature falls below the freezing point, you can also put the plastic bag containing your shoes outdoors instead of in the freezer as an alternative. Drying shoes by keeping them in a sunny spot or setting them up near a heater after taking them off also helps to kill the bacteria by hindering its normal growth. 


4. Rotating Socks 

Socks can get damp and smelly, and this smell can get transferred to your shoes. You might chuck your socks for laundry after they give off an unpleasant smell, but your shoes will still suffer the consequences. While you may wash your socks with a scented laundry detergent, the bad odor has already captivated the shoes. So, it's better to keep changing and rotating your socks every day or two, even if they don't smell. If you live in an area where the weather is hot, or if you exercise a lot, you might even have to make the switch to a new pair within the same day. 


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5. Killing Bacteria 

When considering surfaces and objects that have germs, shoes don’t make the top items on the list. In reality, shoes have a lot of bacteria, especially on the inside. By killing bacteria, you're eliminating one of the major sources of the smell of your shoes. This can be done in various ways. For instance, black tea bags, or the tannins in them, are an excellent option for this purpose. Boil the tea bag for a couple of minutes, and let it cool after removing the teabag. Keep the teabag in the shoe for about an hour and clean up the excess liquid, if any. Another strange option is using cat litter.  Line the bottom of the smelly shoe with cat litter, let sit overnight, and discard it in the morning. For a final clean, use a damp cloth to wipe the shoe.


Instead of tossing out your stinky shoes, use these tips. Not only will your favorite shoes stop stinking, but they will be radiating a refreshing odor for days!

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