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6 Ways to Ensure Your Home Smells Fresh & Clean

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If you spend a lot of time in your home, chances are you might not even be able to tell if it smells odd. A smelly home is the last thing anyone wants, especially if you have guests arriving. The question is, how do you get rid of these foul odors?  We’ve got some quick fixes for you that will ensure your home smells fresh!

1. Start with the Trash Can

Trash lying around the house can become the primary culprit for reeking odor. All the leftover food waste is bound to spread stinking smells throughout the kitchen and surrounding areas. . To solve this problem, take out the trash daily, especially if you're throwing away food scraps. . You can even take it a step further by disinfecting your can or bin each time you take out the trash.


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2. Tackle the Culprits

Funky smells can originate from tons of places in the house, such as damp laundry, food spills on the upholstery, dirty  pet litter, dusty shelves, etc. The longer you let these go unsolved, the worse the smell can get. . Go around your  house and pin down all the spots that are producing the smells. Once you have the places identified, you can start getting rid of the odor. Wash any damp laundry with a lightly scented laundry detergent, clean out the food stains from the upholstery, dispose of the pet litter, and dust the shelves.


3. Air Vent Hack

The air vent  in your house is the key to getting the place smelling fantastic within minutes. All you have to do for this tip  is spritz an air freshener between  the gaps in any air vent in your home. . The air vent will push out the pleasant smell along with the fresh air. And voila, a divine  smell throughout the house in no time! Get an air freshener that gets the job done without being too overpowering with the CleanPacs air freshener kit.

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4. Stock Up On Your Favorite Candles

Candles are the new groove, especially since you can find fragrance candles in almost any smell. Get a few different fragrance candles according to your preferences, e.g., toasted vanilla, coffee bean, lavender, gingerbread, etc. The choices are endless, and you can place them throughout the house. We suggest adding candles in the corners of the laundry room, bathrooms, and living room. You don't even have to light them; the subtle smell will keep the room smelling amazing.


5. Open the Windows

This tip sounds like a no-brainer, but the truth is most people keep their houses closed off the entire day. Open the windows for a few minutes every day to get  unpleasant smells out of the house. Additionally, the  breeze of fresh air will  push out any staleness in your home.


7. Carpets and Rugs are Crucial

Carpeted areas can trap  foul smells. Not only do they trap smelly bacteria, but also the moisture from the surroundings. You should avoid wall to wall carpeting if there is a lot of dampness in your surroundings. Otherwise, ensure you're cleaning the carpets with a carpet and fabric stain remover whenever you notice any stains on them. Don't forget to dry out the moisture, once again, by opening the windows or using a dehumidifier.


Final Take

Clearing out the smelly components and adding a fresh fragrance to your house is super easy with these 6 great tips! First, get rid of the bad, and second, add in the good! Get started with these tips, and you'll soon have guests asking you the secret to that amazing smell.

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