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6 Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles

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Facts indicate that one million single-use plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute globally. Moreover, our oceans are dumped with 8 million tons of plastic bottles every year. Imagine how much plastic we've dumped on our planet over the years, and continue to do so, leading to irreversible impacts like the alarming climate changes. For each of us, it's our responsibility to eliminate the usage of plastic bottles and shift to eco-friendly options. But, what can you do with the plastic bottles already lying around your home? Here are some creative ways of contributing towards reducing plastic in the environment by recycling plastic bottles:


Arts & Crafts

There's no limit to the infinite art projects you could create with plastic bottles. They make you use your creative skills, have fun, and recycle plastic; it couldn't get any better! Maybe start with a plastic bottle piggy bank. Or a DIY pencil case with a zipper on it too? You could also make artsy vases, chandeliers, aesthetic lamps, and mosaics with them. The best part is that you don't even need extra supplies. Instead, a pair of scissors, glue, chart paper, and paints will do the job in creating most if not all of these projects. 


Gardening Tools

If you're tired of buying watering cans now and then for your backyard plants and trees, this is THE hack for you. Grab a plastic bottle and poke small holes on the cap; try using a ballpoint pen for this. Fill up the bottle and take it outside to water your plants, and voila! Easy and effective. Another similar idea is to fix a pipe to the opening of the plastic bottle and poke holes on the horizontal base. Let the water run, and watch a plastic bottle become your very own DIY sprinkler system.


Storage Containers

Undeniably, plastic bottles make ideal storage containers for multiple purposes too. Whether you need small storage containers for your pantry to separate spices or somewhere to keep your color pencils, plastic bottles come in handy. Magazines lying around that you don't have the heart to throw out? Roll them up and keep them in plastic bottles. Then, you can take it up a notch and decorate or label them to avoid a plain and boring display.  


Hanging Baskets

Plastic bottles redesigned to make hanging baskets come in handy and make great decorative pieces for your home. Get your scissors or cutter and cut your plastic bottles to make a hanging charger dock. Here's another revolutionary idea: make a vertical hanging garden on your lawn's wall. All you need is plastic bottles and strings! You'll save space, add greenery to your home, and make it look incredibly creative too.


DIY Garden

Not everyone has a whole backyard attached to their home where they can grow their favorite herbs. This is  where plastic bottles step in and make your dreams come true. Think of these bottles as planting pots. Cut plastic bottles, add soil to them, and plant the herbs. Of course, you can place them in your kitchen too. Just make sure they get adequate sunlight, and you have a DIY herb garden in your kitchen without having acres of land.  


Other Creative Ideas

If you don't want to get your hands dirty when gardening, make a garden scooper with the plastic bottles you're never going to use again. Instead of buying a garbage can, if you've large plastic bottles going to waste, you can reuse them for this purpose. Make the trash into a trash can, and the planet will be thanking you in the process. Use plastic bottles and recycle them into unique jewelry pieces. If you have kids and they've been asking for a fun costume, a plastic bottle jetpack is a way to go.


Final Verdict

There's so much you could do with plastic bottles. We only touched the surface with these handfuls of ideas. It's all up to your creativity. So, collect the plastic bottles in your home and neighborhood and get crafting! 

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