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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Baskets to Organize in Your Home

how to organize with baskets


We’re approaching the new year, and it’s the perfect time to organize your home. If you’re like some of us, organization might not be the most pressing or exciting task. (Or if you’re a super organized person, you totally love it)

However, we can show you dozens of ways to organize your home by just using baskets! Different sizes can be used for various items, and using baskets can make organizing more fun.

Reorganize Your Linen Closet

Transform your linen closet by utilizing storage racks with baskets for your towels, sheets, and blankets. You can use deep baskets to hold all your linens. It will keep your closet looking nice since you can’t see what’s in the basket; it will offer a cleaner look.

You can even use baskets for all your laundry detergents in an effort to keep all linen and laundry items together.

Organize Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is filled with cleaning products, hygiene products, and typical bathroom necessities. Try using small baskets to organize your products and free up clutter. Find shallow baskets to fit into cabinets, drawers, and closets. From your towels to cosmetics, you can rearrange everything in your bathroom. Even keeping a basket with extra toilet paper by your toilet for guests in case a roll runs out can improve your bathroom’s organizational aesthetic. It also makes things easier for guests. You’ll find lots of bathroom uses for baskets once you get started.


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Use Baskets for Shoes

Baskets are ideal for keeping by your home entrance for people to leave their shoes. Especially if you wear older, dirtier shoes, you can throw them into a basket. It not only saves you room but keeps dirt and debris in the basket, not on your floor. A shoe basket is a perfect option to keep shoes together, not cluttering your floor.

A Place for Kids Toys

If you have kids, we have a solution for their messes and toys! Introducing baskets as a way for your children to put away toys is a beautiful way to encourage kids to clean themselves. Younger children struggle with putting toys away but using baskets keeps it simple for them. They’ll begin to feel confident cleaning up after themselves. 

The bonus? You’ll have less mess to clean up!

No More Laundry Piles

One of the most useful ways to incorporate baskets is for laundry. If you’re looking to cut your laundry time, use baskets to help sort the different types of laundry. You can have one for colors, one for whites, and another for delicates. Having a space in your closet to toss your clothes will make it easier to manage laundry every week and keep your clothes from piling up on the floor. 


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Spruce Up Your Cabinet Space

Most homes or apartments have cabinets throughout the space. Keeping storage baskets within cabinets is a subtle way to hide clutter or give miscellaneous items a home. 

In your bathroom, use baskets to keep all your eco-friendly cleaning products organized. You can use a basket under the cabinet sink for added storage.

Similarly to bathroom cleaning products, replicating the idea for under your kitchen sink to store all-purpose cleaning products for the rest of the house. Baskets keep the items in place while keeping cabinets space tidy and visually appealing. 

Take a look around your home and consider the cabinet space. This tip is also perfect for miscellaneous items. You can keep one in each room of your home and use it as a place to put random items in a quick clean, to later be put in their proper space.

Get creative with your cabinet baskets!

Give Your Desk a Makeover

You might not think of baskets when you consider your desk, but metal baskets not only look chic  they’re a pretty perfect way to sort your office supplies.

Use small, long metal baskets for pens and other writing tools. You can keep larger metal baskets under your desk for files. You’ll be ready to kick off the new year in an organized fashion!

We bet you didn’t expect all these creative ways to incorporate baskets into your organization for the new year! You don’t have to use all these ideas but implementing a few to start will drastically enhance your home and give it a refreshed look.

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