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Bedroom Organization Hacks You'll Want to Try This Month

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Is it the time of the month again when your room is a complete mess, and you need to reorganize? You might be overwhelmed by the idea of taking the time to go through the entire reorganizing process. However, as time-consuming as this chore sounds, we promise it's worth all the trouble in the end! Plus, once you've reorganized your room with these expert tips, cleaning it up the next time won't be as hard. Make the most of your room space with these professional reorganizing tips:


Clear Out the Junk

First things first, you can't revamp a space that has piles of junk lying around. Make a list of everything in your room you need to clear out.  Before you get started, get all the essential cleaning supplies so you're not running around mid-cleaning. CleanPacs offers a large variety of starter kits that'll have your room looking spotless. Additionally, take out anything you don't use to clear up space for the reorganization. Go for eco-friendly ways that benefit the environment when you’re cleaning the room. Get an air-freshener while you're at it to provide an overall good smell to your room.


Minimalistic Approach with Furniture

Gone are the days when big pieces of furniture were considered the only fashionable option. Nowadays, experts agree that minimalistic room furniture is the trend of the future. Get small classy furniture pieces for your bedroom. Also, don’t forget to take out the fabric stains from your old furniture if you plan on selling it or giving it to a friend. Here's another piece of advice – get your hands on multipurpose furnishings that double as storage.  Perhaps an ottoman storage chest that goes at the foot of your bed!


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Under Bed Storage for the Win

If you've so much stuff that you don't know where to store it, you’re not alone. The key is to take advantage of every crook and corner you have in the room, even the unexpected ones. This is where under bed storage comes in! Most people tend to ignore the vast amount of space under their bed. You can efficiently use this extra space if you put your mind to  it. Our tip is to buy rolling organizers that can roll in and out without any trouble. Don't forget to clean the under-bed space with a floor cleaner before you install  the rolling organizer.


Arranging the Closet - One Step at a Time

Anyone who regularly cleans their room understands that the closet can be one of the difficult spaces. The enormous piles of clothes, accessories, and shoes all scattered around, where do you even start? First, take everything out of  the closet. You can reorganize your wardrobe in multiple ways, such as separating it according to colors, types of clothes, etc. One tip you'd want to follow is to keep all your most-used outfits at the front. Buy hangers, hanging organizers, and racks for the closet; don’t leave a single inch unused.


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Baskets - for Anything and Everything

Whatever you do, do not  underestimate the power of baskets in a bedroom! Placing small baskets around the room can be beneficial for numerous reasons. Instead of tossing your dirty clothes on the floor, store them in the basket before washing them in the laundry. Or, you can even place your pillows and bedsheets in it. On the plus side, they don't take up a lot of space. If you don't want them too visible, place small baskets under the bed or the nightstand.


Making Use of Walls

Walls, and all that extra space on them; what can you do about it? When you're low on storage space, walls are another incredible option. Buy a bunch of wall hanging organizers and hang them around. Or, if you're more of a 'shelf person' get floating shelves for the corners of your room. Consider the space on top of your bed for a pegboard as well. You'll have all your books, decorations, small objects, etc., right in front of you. There will be no need to fumble around in drawers anymore.


The Verdict

The options are endless once you start reorganizing the room. The trick is to reorganize wisely so you get tons of storage space without overloading your room. Try these tricks out the next time you're at it, and you won't be disappointed with the final look.

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