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Best Laundry Tips for the Winter Season

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The winter season has many people worrying about the problems that come with the colder weather, including laundry. When the first blows of winter's cold breezes welcome the season, it's time to take out your winter clothes. Though now that winter is upon you, how will you dry your washed clothes with all that snow, winds, and moisture? Also, let's not forget how much harder it is to wash bulky winter clothing than summer's light garments. Luckily, all these issues are manageable when you're working on the right track with these tips:


Read the Labels

When you unpack your winter clothing, the first and foremost thing you need to do is carefully identify each piece's fabric and read its labels. While you can rest easy knowing that wool can be machine washed, the same rule doesn't apply to every winter fabric. Some can only be hand washed or dry cleaned, there’s no other way. 


Gentler is Better

Handwashing or dry cleaning winter clothes each time they need to go in the laundry isn't a feasible option for many people. Tossing your winter clothing in the washing machine once a week or every two won't harm them unless your washing machine's settings are NOT set to gentle, or the fabric absolutely cannot be machine washed. So, if you are going to machine wash your winter clothes, make sure you fix the settings to be gentle for washing and drying.


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To Wash or Not to Wash

Washing or not washing can be a mind boggling question, especially when it comes to the delicate fabrics of winter clothes. Experts suggest wearing base layers underneath jackets, sweaters, and coats. This way, your base layer will need washing since winter fabrics should not be washed routinely. On the flip side, if you get any stains on your winter clothes, it's best to wash them as soon as possible. Treat the stain with an enzyme-based fabric stain remover before washing so the stains can get out quickly.


Mild Detergent or Strong Detergent?

While you may think the decision of which detergent to go for depends on your preferences, it actually depends on your clothes. Some individuals suggest using a strong detergent with cold water to save energy. While we're all for eco-friendly tips, strong detergents can also damage the fabric of your winter clothes. It's better to use a mild eco-friendly detergent with a few extra minutes in the washing machine than having to buy new clothes. 


Give It an Extra Spin

Drying in the winters is an impossible task with those warm, sunny days long gone. Of course, this means your clothes will need all the help they can get to dry quickly after being washed. If you're using an automatic dryer to dry your clothes, give them 5-10 more minutes or an extra spin to eliminate as much water and moisture as possible before you air dry them. 


Specify a Spot for Line Drying

You can still line dry your clothes in the winters. You might be questioning how that would be possible, especially if it rains or snows in your area. Well, instead of drying your clothes outside, you can take them inside your home. Place a rack for this purpose in a specific spot of your home. You can also make use of shower racks, wooden furniture or even hang them on hangars. Ensure an airy environment for the clothes to dry quickly, like opening the windows instead of using energy and ramping up radiators. 


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Keep the Clothes Away From Moisture

Last but not least is to keep your clothes safe from moisture. Clothes tend to absorb more moisture in the winters due to the cold weather. Consequently, moisture can cause a smelly odor in clothes too. So, whether you're hanging them in the closet or putting them in drawers, double-check that the place is clean and dry.


Final Take

Winter clothes take fashion to new peaks with multiple layers and classic designs. These clothes can last years to come, but only if you take proper care of them. Use these laundry tips the next time you're washing your winter clothes, and they'll look good as new!

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