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Cleaning Tips Now the Kids are Back to School


With the start of another school year, you’ll find that the kids being out of the house gives you the opportunity to get more things done. One of these tasks is house cleaning. You would certainly have to keep up with it over the summer as well, but while the kids are away at school, you have more time to spend on cleaning, and they’re not messing up your cleaning work immediately after doing it. Below are a few back to school cleaning tips brought to you by the folks at CleanPacs, the makers of eco-friendly cleaning products that are also convenient and affordable. Their products cover nearly all aspects of cleaning and are shipped right to your door. With their sturdy, reusable bottles that are shipped with your first order of their cleaning products, they offer a better way to clean that doesn’t fill landfills with plastic bottles. By only sending the packets of cleaning ingredients to your home each month after the first order, you simply drop them in the bottle for each type of cleaner, mix with water, shake and start spraying. They have many different cleaners for various parts of your house and some will be useful for a few of the following tips. Also, some of these tips will require some cooperation from your kids while others are totally within your control.

Get Doormats and Tell Your Kids to Use Them

Every household should have a doormat at every entryway into the home. If you live in an apartment, then this will typically only mean one for the front door, whereas a homeowner may need them for the front and back doors. Getting one is only the first step. You have to tell your kids to stop and wipe their feet before they enter the house. Doormats are an example of the principle that the best way to solve a problem is to prevent it in the first place.

Get Your Windows Spotless

Your children are constantly getting their hands on or pressing their noses up against your windows and getting smears, grease and dirt on them. Them being away at school for hours gives you the perfect opportunity to get the windows spotless at least until they get home again. CleanPacs glass cleaner is an affordable, eco-friendly solution for this cleaning tip.

Have a Designated Spot for Predictable Clutter

With the school year underway, kids will have coats, shoes, book bags and other paraphernalia that they may be tempted to strip off and throw anywhere as soon as they come through the door. Make sure to designate one closet or area for storing these types of items so clutter doesn’t add to any actual dirt, spills or messes that need cleaning.

Clean and Sanitize Your Carpets

There will be times that your kids, and perhaps you as well, are just in a hurry and don’t stop to wipe their feet thoroughly on the doormat. While things like doormats can reduce the amount of dirt that gets carried in your home on the bottom of shoes, it will never eliminate it. CleanPacs has a carpet and fabric cleaner that’s ideal for back to school cleaning tips such as cleaning wall-to-wall carpeting, throw rugs and the fabric on your furniture. This, more than most cleaning tasks, is definitely something best done while the children are out of the house.

A Perfect Time to Do Laundry

The kids being away is a perfect time to get caught up on laundry. CleanPacs recently added laundry pacs to their line up of cleaning products, so you can get your clothes looking and smelling clean and fresh while using a non-toxic product that’s safe for your household.

Get the Kids Involved

The most basic way to get kids to participate when it comes to back to school cleaning tips is to have them clean their rooms. You may want to add other responsibilities to this such as cleaning other parts of the house or taking out the trash, but cleaning their own room should be the minimum that you insist they do.

Simple, Convenient, Affordable Products That the Environment Loves

CleanPacs core products cover kitchen, bathroom and glass cleaning, but they also have all-purpose and multi-surface cleaners as well as air fresheners, disinfectant, and a product to get your laundry clean and fresh. Because cleaning is done regularly, CleanPacs offers flexible and automatic subscription plans where your cleaning products are shipped right to your door on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. After receiving your reusable bottles on your first order, you simply receive the packets of non-toxic cleaner ingredients on subsequent months and simply drop them in the bottle, add 26 ounces of water, shake for a minute and start cleaning your home! As a parent, you will appreciate that, in addition to being good for the environment, the packets of cleaners are kid and pet-friendly because they contain an extremely bitter flavor additive that will keep them from chewing or swallowing them. Best of all, they offer a 30-day free trial to give their cleaners a try before joining the CleanPacs club. Take full advantage of the kids being away at school to get your home sparkling clean with cleaners that are convenient, affordable and green seal certified.

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