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Disinfecting Tips You Need to Try



Between the uncertainty and fear surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, many homeowners constantly worry about disinfecting their homes to kill any germs and bacteria. Indeed, at times like this, it is necessary to practice good hygiene and keep your home germ-free if you want to avoid contracting the virus or any other germ and bacteria-spread diseases. The thing is, inaccurate disinfecting methods don't do much.  Instead, they're as ineffective as not disinfecting it in the first place. But with the right tips, your home will be germ-free and your family safe and sound. 


Choose Your Supplies Wisely

Disinfectants come with specifics, i.e., not every disinfectant works for every type of pathogen you're planning on eliminating from your home. Similarly, some disinfectants damage specific surface types, so you need to ensure your disinfectant is safe to use on the surfaces you plan on cleaning. Choose a disinfectant that is safe, effective, and easy to use, like the CleanPacs disinfectant kit. Moreover, opt for synthetic fiber clothes such as microfiber towels for wiping down the surface. Microfiber towels will not absorb the disinfectant in the material. 


Don’t Overuse the Mops and Towels

Avoid using the same mop and microfiber towel to wipe down all the rooms of your home. If you’re overusing these cleaning supplies, not only will they transfer dirt but also germs and bacteria throughout the house. Experts suggest swapping or thoroughly cleaning your cleaning supplies after you've finished with each room. You can also disinfect one room at a time, clean and disinfect your supplies, and then move to the next room the following day. A crucial aspect of disinfecting with cleaning supplies is never to put them back in the disinfecting solution you're mopping with, or you'll cause more cross-contamination of germs and bacteria. 


Say No to Mixing

Are you planning on mixing your floor cleaner and disinfectant to get the job done quickly? Sadly, that's not how it works, and you'll land yourself with double the amount of work. When you mix a disinfectant with any other solution, unless the product instructs diluting it with water, it may result in a change of chemical properties. Once the chemical properties are rendered, the disinfectant may become completely ineffective, i.e., it no longer tends to kill germs and bacteria. Therefore, use your disinfectant as it is and keep all other solutions away from it.


disinfect cleaner

Clean, Then Disinfect

Cleaning is never the same as disinfecting; you need to disinfect to ensure no germs and bacteria reside in your home. Cleaning will remove the visible dirt, dust, grime, and organic matter from the surfaces. Skipping the cleaning will turn into an obstacle when you're about to disinfect. Plus, cleaning does get most of the germs, but not all of them. Disinfecting doesn't exterminate the dirt layers, and germs may hide in those nooks and crannies. Therefore, clean as the first step, and then move on to disinfecting. Don't leave either step if you truly want a germ-free home.


Don’t Wipe it Immediately

The longer the surface stays wet with the disinfectant liquid, the more germs you’re killing. Wiping the disinfectant from the surface immediately most likely isn’t enough to get all the germs on that surface. Let the disinfectant stay on the surface for a few minutes before wiping it down. For specific information on your disinfectant product, read the label on the back for instructions. It’ll give you a clear time indication of how long the surface should remain wet. 


Get the Hot Spots

You don't have to disinfect EVERY existing surface in your home from the ceilings right down to the floor. It helps to know the 'hot spots', i.e., the high contact areas. When avoided for too long, these areas will have millions, if not billions, of germs on the surface. Disinfect the common surfaces regularly as well as bathrooms since they’re prone to excessive germs. Don’t overlook any surfaces that may seem less obvious but harbor germ communities, like light switches, doorknobs, electronic devices, etc. 

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Final Take

Proper disinfection daily is the only thing that can keep you and your loved ones safe from the pandemic and other life-threatening diseases caused by germs and bacteria. Make a schedule for daily, weekly, and monthly disinfection routines depending on how frequently each surface requires it.

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