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Do You Have These 7 Essential Cleaning Tools for Your Bathroom?

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7 Essential Bathroom Cleaning Tools You Absolutely Need

1. A Squeegee

Use a squeegee to wipe down excess moisture from the walls and door of the bathroom or tub after every use. It will significantly cut down on moisture, mildew, and soap scum, which are difficult to remove later. Use it also with glass cleaner to make cleaning mirrors and windows easy too.

what is a squeegee

2. A Toilet Brush

For speedy toilet cleaning, keep a toilet brush in a decorative holder next to the toilet. Put some detergent into the bowl and let it sit for several minutes. Then, clean the bowl and rim with the brush.

3. Disposable Wipes or Disinfectant Cleaner and Sponge

Use a washcloth to pre-wipe the countertop and eliminate stray hairs or toothpaste residue. Then use the disinfectant wipes or disinfectant cleaner and a sponge to kill germs.

4. All-Purpose Cleaner

Use a good all-purpose cleaner or even a bathroom cleaner to wipe down faucets, fixtures, handles, mirrors, glass doors, and ceramic. While it’s no substitute for disinfecting surfaces, a good all-purpose cleaner will help make the whole room glow.

5. Rubber Gloves

Cleaning your bathroom takes a toll on your hands. Protect them with a good quality pair of rubber gloves. Rinse well after each use and hang to dry before storing.

 woman putting on rubber gloves

6. Old Toothbrush

If your shower has many tiles, you’ll definitely need an old toothbrush because nothing cleans grout lines better. Keep the brushes clean by rinsing well after use and dispose of them once the bristles start to fray or bend.

7. Scrub Brush

To thoroughly the tub and shower, there’s no substitute for the scrub brush. For maximum efficiency, first, apply the detergent and let it sit for at least half an hour. Then scrub well with the brush.


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