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Eco-Friendly Bathroom Hacks

Eco-Friendly bathroom tips


Suppose you’re trying to reduce waste and move toward a minimalist lifestyle. First, good for you! Not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll be helping our society and those around you.

One of the ways to transition toward a minimalist lifestyle is to take small, baby steps. Start with one category, one room, or one project you feel comfortable with. 

In this article, we’ll specifically focus on how to transform your bathroom into an eco-friendly living space that will be perfect for you, the environment, and your budget! Let’s dive in!


Get Rid of Single-Use Plastic

Many bathroom items will require multiple purchases, but you can slowly eliminate or reduce the amount you’re using. Small things like Q-tips (not all, but some) use a plastic center. Going through smaller bottles of products versus investing in larger bottles to reduce the quantity you buy each year.


Minimize Your Water Intakefaucet running

Think of all the instances you run water without needing to. Often people run water while brushing their teeth. Whenever possible, limit how much water you use to conserve.

For example, some people even take a toothbrush into the shower to limit your water intake. You could try giving everyone in your house a shower time limit, maybe 5 minutes, to reduce water intake.  Be mindful of how much water you’re using to keep it to the bare minimum. 


No More Single-Use Products

Switching to eco-friendly products is easy to do and you can reduce a large amount of waste with this simple change. There’s no reason not to! CleanPacs has an array of clean, toxin-free cleaners, from your bathroom to your kitchen and living room. You can switch to their bathroom starter kit instead of continuing to purchase traditional single-use plastic products.


Keep a Compost Trash Bin

Did you know that you could compost products from your bathroom? Napkins, cotton balls, cotton swabs, hair, or  any other paper product can all be composted. Just keep a separate wastebasket and reuse the plastic waste bag. 

If you don’t have compost pickup as part of your recycling plan, you can drop it off at your local dump!


Switch to Small Towels

You already know what products to use for your bathroom; now, when you clean, try using small towels to wash regularly versus paper towels to toss. That way, you produce less waste. 

But if you need a paper towel, you can always discard it in your compost bin! 

You can use recycled cleaning materials to reduce waste — check out other options!


Use Recycled Items to Clean

Your bathroom requires lots of cleaning. Try to reuse cleaning materials like brushes or sponges to reduce waste! 

Toothbrushes can be helpful for tight corners! Check out our post about it! Make use of what you already have rather than buy new. 

trash cans outside

Limit Individually-Packaged Face Masks

Many of us love a face mask. But when you want one every week, the single-use masks can add unnecessary waste and plastic to the environment.

Try opting for products that don’t use plastic, are cruelty free, and organic. Also, purchase ones that come in large containers to save on packaging, not single sheet packages. 

Who knew that so much waste could come from one part of your house!? All the items mentioned on the list are simple to implement without completely uprooting your normal routine. 


If you make these simple changes it will lead to an eco-friendly lifestyle that you can incorporate into other aspects of your life!


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