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Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts 2020

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Best 2020 Sustainability Holiday Gifts

Have a particular person in your life who loves eco-friendly products? Well, lucky you! We have curated a list of the top sustainability gifts of 2020. All of these gift items are ideal for any person in your life that wants to move towards sustainability in 2021!

Hey! Maybe you’ll find something for yourself? Here’s our list!


Larq Water Bottle

We’ve talked extensively about eliminating single-use plastic bottles. But what if you had a reusable water bottle that also purified your water? This innovative technology water bottle that filters water from bacteria, odors, and viruses -- keeping you safe and healthy! The technology of the Larq water bottle could change the future of the world and how people can access clean water. 

These bottles are well-designed and safe to clean with natural all-purpose cleaner for longevity.


Panasonic Rechargeable Batteries 

Think about all the batteries accumulated over time. Batteries are items that do not get recycled properly and end up in landfills. However, Panasonic has developed a revolutionary solution to the issue of dead batteries. They’ve created batteries that can be recharged and used for up to ten years! You’ll never need to keep replacing batteries every few months. The set comes in all sizes for multiples purposes. 

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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Subscription

You might have heard of companies like CleanPacs who make products to reduce single-use plastic for cleaning products. Switching to eco-friendly products is easy to do and you can reduce a large amount of waste with this simple change. There’s no reason not to! CleanPacs has an array of clean, toxin-free cleaners, from your bathroom to your kitchen and living room. You can buy their bathroom starter pack and quickly swap out your traditional plastic bottles and reuse their bottle -- you just add each tablet refill!.


Plantable Colored Pencils

Are you ready for something you wish you had as a kid? An innovation for children is colored pencils made out of plant stubs, and you can plant the pencils themselves! Not only can they enjoy using the colored pencils but put them to sustainable use rather than throw them away. 

Plus, it’s a fantastic opportunity to talk to your children about sustainability and the importance of our Earth and plants. They can learn how to grow using these pencils! The perfect eco-friendly toy for children and is helpful during times of quarantine. 


Seed Lollipops

Wait until you see these lollipops! Unlike what we had as a kid! Inside each lollipop are seeds for planting. Not only will kids love these delicious flavors, but it allows them to be excited about growing plants. They will be eager to get the seeds and even more to plant them finally!

What’s at the center of a lollipop? A seed!

You can make this year extra special with gifts that also give back to the Earth. 

eco-friendly gift wrap

Our last suggestion for eco-friendly holiday shopping is to use recycled paper for wrapping gifts or reuse paper from newspapers or old gifts. Challenge yourself to eco-friendly wrapping in 2020! Happy holidays!

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