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Hacks to Reduce Dust in Your Home

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When it comes to dust, nobody wants their home to have dust on every visible surface. For those who are allergic, it can trigger their symptoms and have them sneezing uncontrollably. Even if you’re not allergic to dust, it gives an unclean look to your otherwise beautiful home. Plus, if you live somewhere in which the air is loaded with dust or around a busy area, you can’t avoid it. Although, there are some tips to reduce dust around your home and have it looking spick and span!


1. Clean Regularly

Dust and debris often accumulate when homes are left uncleaned for a while. So, if you want to reduce dust in homes, regular cleaning can go a long way in helping you get rid of those dust bunnies. Some experts recommend cleaning daily, but if you have kids or a hectic job, or both, you can divide the entire cleaning into seven days. You can do the lounge on Mondays and leave dusting the kids' rooms for Fridays. Organize and plan your cleaning schedule according to your convenience so that it doesn't seem like an extra burden that's hard to adapt to.

2. Use Mats and Rugs

Using mats and rugs is an experimented hack that is declared one of the most effective ways of reducing dust in homes. You can use a durable mat or rug with a bristle top and ask your guests or household members to wipe their shoes on them before entering. This way, you'll be saved from making them uncomfortable by asking them to take their shoes off outside. Once every week, clean the mat thoroughly from both sides as the dust can reach the floor by seeping through the mat. A vacuum cleaner is a great pick for making the mat all spick and span. However, if using a vacuum isn't your thing, or the noise intolerable for you, you can rinse it in a suitable cleaner. Beating and shaking them can also remove a lot of dust.


groom your pet every so often to minimize house dust

3. Pet Care and Grooming

If you have a dog or a cat, or any other furry animal as a pet, this advice is for you. Stepping up on your pet care and grooming game is also an excellent way of reducing dust in homes. The dead hair shed by our furry friends is a primary source of dust. Giving them a warm, gentle bath now and then can be a preventive measure to stop dust from collecting. Dead skin cells can also be a bummer, and these baths are the only practical way of dealing with them. Additionally, there's a great chance that you'll find your pets to be in a great mood once they're all fresh and clean. Also, make sure the litter boxes are well covered.


4. Purge the Air

Cleansing the air can significantly drop the levels of dust in your home. Here are some ways in which purifying the air can be of use to you:

  • Using an air purifier: If you have an air purifier in your home, it can trap dust particles before they have time to settle on a surface. It's why they're used to make the air more breathable and help give tables, chairs, and shelves an unparalleled sparkle. 

  • Maintaining the humidity levels: If you manage to keep the humidity level in your home below 50 percent, this reduces dust, which is even proved scientifically. If the humidity level crosses the 50 mark, the static electricity can build up, causing dust particles scattered in the air to stick to objects, making them more visible. It also promotes the growth of mold.

  • Keeping the windows closed: If you keep your windows open for aeration, you're also inviting dust, mold, pollen, and other pollutants. If you're having a problem cutting down the dust levels in your home, try keeping windows and doors shut, especially on windy days.

  • air purifier for your home!

    Final Verdict

    You can’t avoid dust completely. When it comes to cleaning every nook and cranny of your home to get rid of dust, it can become tiring. Take breaks every once in a while, and use these hacks to reduce dust in your home without burning out.

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