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How to Make Your Wardrobe Environmentally Friendly

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Clothing is not an essential part of our daily lives, but a way we express ourselves. As fabulous as fashion and clothing can be, we must consider keeping our closets sustainable and eco-friendly. The fashion industry has harmed the environment. However, simple changes can lead to limiting the damage fashion has on our environment.

Below we’ve listed all the ways to make your wardrobe eco-friendly!


Always Donate Your Clothes

Another way to make your closet environmentally friendly is to donate all clothes you don’t need or wear. If you have clothing you don’t want, consider sorting them and donating to local charities or donation centers. You could even contribute to friends or family or sell individual items. Throwing away clothing should be your last resort. Clothing attributes to lots of waste in landfills. Try to reuse or recycle clothes before resorting to the trash. 


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Repair Clothes to Last Longer

Keeping clothes for as long as possible is environmentally conscious. If you get a hole or clothes don’t fit properly anymore, consider repairing them yourself. You can invest in a small sewing kit and learn the basics. You’ll keep clothes longer than if you just throw them away. If you don't feel confident about sewing, take them to a sewist to have clothes repaired.

Another sustainable fashion option is to find thrift clothes that need repairs. You’ll save money while saving a piece of clothing that might end up in a landfill. 


Do Not Buy Animal Products

One way to make your wardrobe environmentally friendly is to avoid buying from companies or clothing that uses animal products or are not cruelty-free. If you want to make better choices for the earth, that means protecting animals and the planet. Using animals for fashion isn’t just eco-friendly but cruel. Avoiding these companies will help reduce how many animals are harmed for the sake of fashion.

Do Not Buy Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is one of the most significant contributors to environmental waste. Fashion refers to companies that produce cheap clothing that’s typically discarded as quickly as it was bought. Fast fashion is one of the reasons fashion has become wasteful. Fast fashion is all about a quick turnaround at the cost of the environment. It’s important to stop buying from these companies. Whenever you shop, make sure you choose the clothes you can wear for years.


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Use Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent 

Becoming mindful about your wardrobe also includes how you wash your clothes. Laundry detergent and softeners use single-use plastic containers, adding extra waste to landfills. A simple solution is to switch to eco-friendly packaging subscriptions. Companies, such as CleanPacs, is a cleaning product company that sends 100% dissolvable pacs so there is not plastic left behind. This one small change can lead to a big difference.

Swapping your laundry detergent is one way to help make your wardrobe eco-friendly. Using safe and gentle laundry detergent guarantees your laundry will be washed properly. Harsh chemicals or toxins are harmful to you and the environment. Mild detergent is reliable for your clothes and health. CleanPacs has lavender-scented options for your laundry detergent needs. 

Shop Local

Aside from avoiding fast fashion companies, it’s important to shop locally whenever possible. Try to avoid shopping at large department stores or companies that mass produce. Large manufacturing companies have significant environmental implications, such as pollution, unethical practices, and waste. When you travel, buy unique items and locally made; this will help the local economy and keep your clothes eco-friendly. 

All of these tips will help you create a more sustainable wardrobe. Just simple changes can improve the fashion industry to be mindful of environmental implications. 

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