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How to Remove Furniture Stains Depending on the Type of Fabric

white leather couch stains


Whether you like it or not, you’re bound to spill something on your furniture. Even if you are very careful, one of your guests might have a spill.

However, you don’t have to panic or throw out your furniture in the event of a spill. When you act quickly, you can increase your chances of safely removing the stain without tarnishing your furniture. 

Let’s get started!


how to get out fabric couch stains


Fabric Couches

You might have a couch with general fabric. 

Now, what do you do in the event of a spill? 

First, check the label on the couch. It’s essential to make sure there aren’t specific cleaning instructions. If you aren’t sure of the fabric, definitely check the label.

If it’s a general fabric, like cotton, you can apply a mild detergent or all-purpose cleaner and allow it to sit on the stain for 20 minutes. Letting the cleaner sit on the stain will help break up the stain. After 20 minutes, dip a cloth into warm water and scrub the stain. Let sit for five minutes. If the stain is still there, repeat these steps. 

Patio Furniture

Usually, patio furniture is made of various metals and fabric made of plastic or acrylics. It’s essential to ensure you’re regularly cleaning your patio for longevity as dirt and debris from harsh weather and sitting outside can destroy the outer interiors.

Cleaning patio furniture is easy!

All you need is a gentle all-purpose cleaner and a non-abrasive cloth. Simply spray cleaner and rub vigorously. Usually, outdoor furniture is tougher than indoor furniture. If you have a hose, spray after you’ve cleaned the stain.

After you handle the stain and rinse with the hose, allow patio furniture to air dry and keep the cushions leaned up against a wall if wet. This will allow for water to drain out of the cushion. 

Once all the water is drained out, the air will dry your patio furniture quickly.


white leather couch stains


Leather Couches

There are several ways to remove a stain from a leather couch. Be mindful that we’re presenting a few ways to clean leather, but it might vary depending on the type or texture of your specific seating surface. Be sure to check that cleaning label and test cleaning products in an inconspicuous area to ensure they don’t ruin the fabric. Using a mild cleaner is your best bet for safely cleaning. 

To begin, vacuum your couch. including all those nooks and crevices.

Wipe the whole couch down with a clean, dry cloth. Nothing abrasive. We recommend using a microfiber cloth.

Mix a solution of equal parts water and gentle, all-purpose cleaner. Use the microfiber cloth with the solution and clean the stained area. Continue to wipe the stain and then clean with warm water with no added solution.

Blot the stained spot to absorb the moisture. Dry with a hair-dryer if possible. If the stain is still there, repeat the process to further help remove the stain.

A stain doesn’t have to ruin your furniture. If you act quickly, you can handle any stain. Make sure you always check the label first before cleaning. If the stain is too complicated or the furniture’s fabric is too delicate, it’s best to contact a professional to have them remove the stain safely.

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