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Importance of Ecofriendly products


As a mother in 2018, you have a lot on your plate. One of the many tasks you face involves decisions about what products to use in and around the home, and this includes cleaning products. If you’re like most people today, you feel like you’re doing your part by using products that are eco-friendly while you’re simultaneously concerned about the health and well being of your family. When going to the store to shop for cleaning supplies, too many of us just reach for whatever bottle is cheapest or has the slickest marketing message. If your top concern is the environment and the health of your family, however, you really need to concern yourself with the harsh chemicals that can be inside these products. There are many benefits to using eco-friendly cleaning products.

Help the Environment

Every time you use cleaners, small quantities of their ingredients are being released into the environment. If a portion of them go down the drain, then part of that is eventually reaching waterways. If you use a spray cleaner, a part of the spray may be rising up into the atmosphere and adding to all the other harsh chemical spray cleaners to produce a cumulative negative effect in the air we all breath. Only by using eco-friendly cleaning products are you doing your part to keep the world safe for your children and someday for their children.

Promote a Healthier Lifestyle and Home

There’s the environment in general and then there’s the immediate environment of your home. Using green cleaning supplies ensures you not only keep a clean home but that you keep one that’s healthier for your kids as well. In a time when allergies and asthma are rampant, the harsh chemicals in some household cleaners may have an unpredictable impact on the health of some of your family members, so it’s best not to take chances.

Easy on the Wallet

Surprisingly, green cleaning supplies can be the cheaper choice in addition to being better in every other way. CleanPacs is a kit containing a host of eco-friendly cleaning products that we’ll go into greater detail on below. For families on a budget, this kit meets this criteria of being cheaper than most leading brands of cleaners while having superior ingredients that respect the environment and your family’s health.

How to Tell If a Product is Eco-Friendly

It’s easy for cleaning products to say they’re eco-friendly on the bottle, but how do you really know they are? One way to accurately discern this is through third-party certification to verify that they’re environmentally friendly. In the case of appliances and electronics, for instance, you should look for “Energy Star” certification. For organic food or cosmetics, you would check to see the “USDA Organic Seal.” Similarly, when shopping for eco-friendly cleaning products, you should keep an eye out for “Green Seal” certification in order to know the product is environmentally friendly.

Cleaning for the 21st Century

CleanPacs are a kit of cleaning products that you can have automatically shipped straight to your door monthly, quarterly or yearly, so you don’t even have to remember to put them on the shopping list. Their most basic kit consists of a kitchen, a bathroom and a glass cleaner, and they have other cleaning products on the way. All of their cleaning products are Green Seal certified, so you’ll feel good every time you use them, and the fact that they’re significantly cheaper than leading brands means your wallet will thank you as well. Best of all, they offer a free trial, so you can find out for yourself how good their green cleaning products work.

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