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Improve the Air Quality in Your Home With These 6 Easy Tips

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Many of us have been stuck inside all year. Along with the constant worries concerning germs and COVID-19 outside of the home, there is a concern about the inside of the home as well. Staying inside all the time can breed germs if you don’t ventilate the air. You must filter out old air to maintain a clean space and stay healthy. 

All you need to do is incorporate these few changes into your living space and you’ll be breathing cleaner air in no time!


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Dust All Surfaces

Dusting is a task we often forget and dust can collect over time, creating an allergen-filled space. You don’t want to be breathing in moving dust particles, so take time to clean surface areas and crevices in your home to maintain dust levels. After dusting, use an all-purpose cleaning product to clean the surface area. Regular dusting and cleaning will help keep your air quality pure while keeping your house clean!


Create Air Ventilation

You can purify your air quality efficiently by merely opening up your windows and using fans, if possible. The air will circulate and help filter out old air that's been trapped, and open windows will allow clean air to freshen up your living space. It also feels nice to have calm, clean outdoor air breezing through your house!

If you use an air freshener, make sure it's all-natural and safe ingredients. If you’re looking for an easy solution, we recommend this air freshener that works great in all applications.


Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Whenever you use cleaning products, consider the quality. Do they contain harsh chemicals? You don’t have to use harsh chemicals to keep your home free from germs and bacteria. Plus, using products with strong odors, fragrances, and chemicals can weaken the air quality and create adverse health effects. Use eco-friendly products that are not only safe for the environment, but also the air in your home. CleanPacs offers a wide array of eco-friendly products that don’t contain harsh chemicals. 


Try Beeswax Candles

Don’t you love bees? They are incredibly beneficial for our planet for many reasons, including the fact that their wax has purifying properties! Ordinary candles can release toxins into your air. Beeswax candles not only purify the air, but won’t release any fragrance. Using beeswax can naturally remove common allergens, such as dust and dander, from the air. 


Grow House Plants

Did you know that plants are both beautiful to look at and can help keep our air purer? Plants help rejuvenate our air quality and protect us from toxins in the air. The more plants you space throughout your house, the cleaner your air will be. It’s good to research different plants so you can find the ones that are best suited for your needs.


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Invest in an Air Purifier

One of the best purchases you can make to improve your air quality is to invest in an air purifier. Technology has advanced over the years, and you can find ones that won’t break the bank! You can find smaller ones for an affordable price. These purifiers are a guaranteed way to keep your air quality in check. 


We need air to breathe and live our lives. Therefore it’s essential to consider the quality of the air we’re taking in. You don’t have to resort to all these techniques; even picking a few will make a difference! These small changes can lead to a significant impact and a healthier life!

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