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Organizational Hacks for Parents



Parenting means keeping your sanity intact so that you can manage your home, kids, work, and social life, all in one bundle. But, as parents, we all tend to collapse every once in a while with the heaping piles of chores. Things can get out of hand in parenthood, but getting back on track doesn't have to be impossible. With these hacks, you can save yourself the headache of never-ending clutter.

Family Calendar

Don't let your mind ramble with remembering meetings, your kids' school activities, and the chores that need to get done. Avoid the stress by making a family calendar. You can use a whiteboard, soft board, or printables for this purpose. Jot down all your plans, and let your kids do the same. This way, you'll know everything that's coming up and can plan your activities accordingly. For example, if it is time for a deep-cleaning of the house, you can plan ahead and try to have that done while the kids are at school or busy with outdoor activities.

Color-Coded Storage Boxes 

Kids make a lot of mess, and they're less likely to clean that mess up afterward. What you can do is make the cleanup a fun activity for them. Store their art supplies, toys, or clothes in color-coded organizers. Designate a color for each item. Guide them at first but let them do it themselves gradually. You can also label the boxes so that they know where each item belongs. 


weekly planning

Weekly Planning 

As a parent, one of the most burdening tasks is deciding what goes in the lunchbox every morning. Or, maybe your kids are at the age where they don't want to wear what you've already decided for them. Make your life easier by planning a weekly lunch schedule and take suggestions from your kids. Don’t forget to make their lunch more sustainable to play your part as a responsible parent. Get your kids to plan their outfits for the entire week on the weekend. This way, it'll take the early-morning load off, and your kids will learn to be organized and independent too. 

Make it a Game

Kids tend to participate more if you make organizing stuff around the house into a game. There are several ideas you can put into this. For instance, let your kids pen down several chores they want to do or need to be done and mix them up in a jar. Take one out and tackle the task as a family, and then move on to the next. Another idea is to assign your kids to different tasks like cleaning up their toys or rearranging their shelves, and whoever gets finished first wins the game. Reward them, but only occasionally. Otherwise, let your kids take part in the chores they can enjoy regularly without a reward promised at the end of it each time. 

Organize the Entryway

The entryway of your home can become messier than you'd like it sometimes. With everyone throwing around their shoes or their raincoat as soon as they enter the house, the entryway can become a living hell for someone who's trying to stay organized. The good thing is that organizing the entryway doesn't require going out of your way. If you have a mudroom, make use of that and organize the outdoor items around it in a neat manner. If not, baskets have so many benefits. One of these benefits includes putting them at the entryway so that anyone who wants to throw something when they step in can toss it in the basket.

Snack Cabinet

Tired of your kids running to you for snacks, especially if you're on an important call or busy with a task? Make a snack cabinet for your kids and separate the items according to how many snacks they can eat weekly. Also, instead of sticking with unhealthy processed items, store healthy snacks that your kids can munch on without over-excessive junk intake. 


ready to go bag

Keep a Ready-to-Go Bag

Parents usually end up running around for their things at the last minute when stepping out of the house. With this routine, you'll likely forget something important one time or another. Parents with small kids can keep one ready-to-go bag for their kid's supplies such as toys, extra clothes, snacks, etc., and another for themselves. Keep the things you need to go out all in one bag to avoid collapsing over everything at the last moment.

Final Verdict

Adults already have busy lives in this era, and managing a home and kids can make it even more hectic. But, these hacks can be followed by the laziest parents while making their life significantly simpler. After all, parenthood doesn't mean you should let go of organizing everything around you, but neither does it call for stressing out on the clutter.

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