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5 Eco-Friendly Self Care Activities You Can Do This Week


Taking care of yourself is more essential than ever. Sometimes we require to give our bodies and our minds a little more TLC (tender love and care), to keep us feeling healthy. There are so many different ways to practice self-care, but there are certain ways that are both good for you and the planet. Not all self-care has to be expensive or has to generate plastic waste. With these tips, you can take care of yourself and the planet. 

Exercise and Get Outside! 

You’ve probably read that 30 minutes of exercise per day is essential for your health. However, did you know that exercising can aid both your physical and mental disposition too? According to many psychologists, exercise is necessary for both short and long-term mental wellness. In the short-term, when we work out, we release endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that affect our mood, and when they are produced, they put us in a good mood. So, exercise obviously impacts an individual's physical fitness, but it can also work to boost mood and general mental wellness. In the long term, regular exercise and physical activity boost blood flow to the brain for increased brain health. 

Below are some more exercising tips:

  • Any exercise is good, but if you can make it include fresh air, then it increases the quality of the activity. Some common outdoor activities include going for a walk or a run, heading out on a hike, or engaging in gardening work when the weather permits.
  • Do whatever makes you feel best whether that's going for a swim, or putting on some music and dancing, just go with it and get active!

Zero waste tip: Yoga is a great zero waste practice since you can do it with virtually no equipment - all that's required is comfortable clothing and a video or instructor to follow a routine from.

Relaxing with a Cup of Tea 

low waste self-care activity not many people think about is relaxing as you drink a cup of tea. While it might not appear to be self-care, a warm cup of tea can be just what you require to decompress, and you can have your cup of tea plastic-free by using a mug or other reusable glass.

Herbal teas are great for processing thoughts and relaxing, as many contain properties that assist you to feel calm. Chamomile tea is often used to help minimize anxiety as it has a calming effect. Green teas and black teas can also assist in instilling a calm feeling, but both also have caffeine which can make some people feel jittery. Curling up with a nice cup of tea is an excellent way to begin or end your day stress and plastic free.

DIY Face Mask 

Often when we think self-care, we skincare is one of the things that comes to mind. Skincare is an essential part of self-care, and sometimes, giving our skin an extra boost can be just what we need to feel good. Face masks are good for our skin and can provide us with time and space to shut our eyes and relax. However, not all face masks are friendly to the environment. It is therefore essential to consider sustainability when searching for and purchasing a face mask.


Journaling can be an excellent way to release stress and anxiety, and it can also offer you a time to show some self-gratitude. Some people begin or end their days with a few minutes of journaling, while others have dedicated weekly time. Whatever it is, spending time pulling together your thoughts is an essential exercise in self-care. The following tips can assist you in enjoying journaling while also keeping your waste minimal. 

Keeping a digital journal

For an utterly zero-waste journaling experience, taking your journal online can be useful. There are apps specifically designed for journaling, or you can have your journal in a document on your computer. Whichever way you choose, digital journals can be great due to their convenience (you can usually use a phone app and journal on the go), and they create no additional waste.

Using a Recycled Notebook

For those of us who want to keep their self-care screen-free, there are still suitable options for journals. Choosing a journal that is manufactured with recycled paper and has a paper cover instead of plastic is still an excellent way to keep your waste minimal and avoid any plastic waste. When selecting your writing utensil, choose for a refillable option like a fountain pen so that you can avoid any potential plastic waste caused by conventional pens. 

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