So, what are CleanPacs?


So, what are CleanPacs?


We all know the familiar ritual of house cleaning all too well. Cleaning supplies are a routine item on your shopping list when heading out to the store. Many of us just grab whatever brand or product we’ve used for years and don’t really take a hard look at the ingredients and whether they’re safe for our home or the environment. If you are worried about the possibility of dangerous ingredients to your pets or children or to the environment in general, you’ll be happy to find out about CleanPacs, which is one of the best eco friendly cleaning products on the market.

Convenient and Affordable Cleaning Supplies

CleanPacs are the house cleaning solution that responsible consumers have been waiting for. Basically, we ship a set of three cleaning products straight to your door either every month or on the schedule you choose. This set includes kitchen, bathroom and glass cleaners. We’ll soon be adding new products to this kit of cleaning supplies. The CleanPacs difference is that we send you a reusable spray bottle for each of the three cleaning products on your first order in addition to the packets containing the cleaning product ingredients. On subsequent orders, you only receive the packets containing the ingredients of each cleaning solution that you then put into each reusable bottle and mix with 26 ounces of water. There’s no messy cutting or tearing. You simply drop the intact packet into the bottle. After waiting about a minute, you’re ready to give each bottle a good shake and then start spraying and cleaning.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products for Your Home and the World

Perhaps the greatest satisfaction you’ll get from using CleanPacs is knowing that you’re doing your part in reducing the number of plastic bottles entering landfills every year. Our reusable bottles are heavy duty and will last through numerous refills of our non-toxic cleaning ingredients. You’ll also have peace of mind in knowing that CleanPacs are green seal certified. Another CleanPacs difference is how friendly we are to the environment inside your home. Our packets contain an extremely bitter flavor additive, which would keep small children or pets from chewing on or swallowing them. CleanPacs are also a space saving innovation. Think about all the bottles of different cleaners you currently have around the house. Our three bottles, plus a small container of packets that hold the cleaning ingredients, replace all of that, so you now have more room for other household items.

We Save You Money While Offering More Options

In addition to being better for your home, family and the environment, CleanPacs also save you up to 70 percent off many leading brands. When you think about it, that actually makes perfect sense. Every time a traditional cleaning product manufacturer creates their product, they are remaking a new bottle and spray nozzle to go with the actual cleaning product inside it. This also increases the weight, which costs more in shipping for them to send it to the store where you then buy it. In contrast, after the initial shipment containing the three bottles for the separate home, kitchen and glass cleaners, we only ship the actual cleaning ingredients to you from then on. This is why the CleanPacs club is able to cost only $14.95 for the first month and then $12.95 each month thereafter.

The best part is that we ship all of this straight to you, so you don’t have to leave home to get your home sparkling clean. Be a part of this exciting revolution in home cleaning today, and join the CleanPacs club. Because we know cleaning is a consistent fact of life that we all have to do regularly, we have flexible and automatic subscription plans available. You can receive your cleaning supplies monthly, quarterly or even yearly. Because we believe CleanPacs is one of the best eco friendly cleaning products on the market today, we offer a free trial so you can see how good our products are with your own eyes.

A Revolution in Cleaning

It’s the 21st century, and it’s about time our cleaning supplies caught up with the rest of our lives. We don’t use typewriters or rotary phones anymore, and it’s also time to do away with the wasteful, antiquated, inconvenient and environmentally destructive way we’ve been keeping our homes clean. Give CleanPacs a try, and when you see and smell how this revolution in eco friendly cleaning products can get your home bright and beautiful while helping the environment, you’ll never want to go back to the old way of doing it.

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