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The Best Way to Effectively Clean Glass Shower Doors

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Showering is all about hygiene and cleanliness. Getting all that dirt and germs off of your body and walking out of the shower clean is a blissful feeling. The irony is when the same place that makes your body clean is dirtier than it should be, with stains on the shower doors and fungi growing in the corners, resulting in mold and mildew. With these five tips, don't let your shower doors become another dirty and smelly spot in the house.


Get the Right Glass Shower Door

Cleaning your shower glass door starts even before you've bought it, though in an indirect manner. If you've already bought one, then this tip might not help you a lot, but if you're thinking of making a switch or buying a new one, there are glass showers that have a protective coating. What stains the glass door and walls is either hard water,  soap scum, or both, and this coating can keep your glass safe from both. 


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Stock Up On Supplies

You can't just take a sponge with glass cleaner and start rubbing the glass on your shower door. That will only make things worse. Certain bathroom cleaning supplies will make your shower spick and span. Some of these include:

  • Squeegee: You might have had some experience with a squeegee if you've cleaned your windshield mirror with it. 
  • Glass Cleaners: These are the main items at work that’ll get the scum off and leave the shower doors sparkling clean. 
  • Scrub sponge: Rub-down the shower doors with this useful supply, and it'll get the stains out with a few wipes.
  • Microfiber towel: Right before wiping down the water with a squeegee, use a microfiber towel for one last cleaning finish to leave the doors 100% dirt-free.

Schedule the Cleaning 

It is best to schedule your cleaning after a hot water shower. It's a scientific fact that hot water and cleaners are a perfect combination for rinsing away the stains on the shower door. Even disinfectants work better with hot water in fighting and killing germs on your shower door. It takes extra time, effort, and glass cleaner to make the glass as clean if you're using cold water. The hot water molecules transfer their heat to the cleaner, which, in turn, gains heat, and a hot cleaner is always much more effective than a cold one. 


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Dry the Shower Doors

Again, hard water is one of the two primary causes of stains on the shower doors. While you can't change the water that comes through your showers, ensuring there are no water droplets after you step out of the shower does indeed make a difference. Get the squeegee and wipe down the shower doors from top to bottom. For hard-to-get spots such as the overlapping shower doors, use the microfiber towel or paper towels to dry them completely. Just a few extra minutes of work can keep your shower doors free of all stains. 


Ventilate the Shower Space 

Keeping the door open or the exhaust fan on after a shower will allow more evaporation. Consequently, your glass door, walls, and other surfaces will be guaranteed protection from mold and mildew. Either turn on the vent before taking a shower or keep the door open once you have finished.


In Conclusion

The right cleaning supplies and a little motivation goes a long way in maintaining shower doors that are so clean you can practically see your reflection in them. Once you get the hang of it, you won’t have to take extra time out of your day for this chore either, as you can quickly do it after a shower. Keeping your shower doors sparkling only requires 5-10 minutes of work post-showering.

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