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Things to Consider when Buying Upholstery


You may rank upholstery as one of the last things you need to consider when giving your home a new look, but it's actually one of the essentials. You don't want to be second-guessing the upholstery fabric for a new sofa or armchair a few months after it arrives at your doorstep. Choosing the wrong material and color can ruin the look of the whole room. Also, incorrect choices could mean often finding yourself battling stains and snags. Here are some things you should consider before you start buying new upholstery for your home: 


Setting your Budget

Budgeting how much you want to spend on furniture is usually the best place to start because this determines your fabric selection. Various elegant upholstery is available in opulent fabrics such as velvet, and they won’t break your bank. However, with low-priced upholstery, your color options may be limited to a few. A higher budget means you can customize the fabric, color, and design of your choice. There are hundreds of materials and colors to choose from. Plus, you can order fabric swatches before deciding to ensure you're happy with your selection.


Purpose of the Furniture

Where you intend to place your upholstery can significantly influence your choice of fabric. If you are looking for a sofa that will go in your work-from-home area, you can opt for premium fabrics such as velvet or high-thread cotton. But, do keep in mind that such luxury fabrics require extra care and most likely a professional cleaning once in a while. On the other hand, if the furniture is to be used frequently and there are kids and pets around, the safest option would be smooth cotton fabrics as you can wash them easily. You can also use a reliable fabric stain remover for everyday use for cleaning upholstery. Durable materials such as corduroys and microfiber fibers go well for living rooms. 


Picking the Right Color

The color of upholstery fabric can have a significant impact in a variety of ways. New age colors put on vintage furniture give the room an urban, edgy vibe. Light colors on large upholstery in small rooms make it appear spacious. Ask yourself what kind of vibe you want to create - whether you are drawn to bold colors or prefer quiet tones. As a result, complement or contrast the furniture with cushions, throw rugs, mats, and other accessories in contrasting colors and patterns. Solid colors work well since they can be livened up with different colored accents depending on the mood.


Selecting the Right Pattern

As a general rule, avoid huge patterns on small upholstery and vice versa, as this does not do the pattern justice. Select designs that will draw attention to the geometry of your furniture. Stripes or geometric lines, for example, would look fabulous on sleek, straight-lined seats, making them appear taller or wider. On the other hand, round-edged sofas and ottomans may easily pull off flowers and tribal prints, oozing warmth and happiness in the living room. When selecting a pattern, keep the size of the room in mind. Bold patterns work well in large spaces, whereas miniature designs work well in small areas



Even if you find your ideal fabric that meets all of the above criteria, it is critical to understand how much wear and tear your sofa can withstand and whether you are prepared to provide the necessary care. If feasible, obtain a cloth sample, then stretch and compress it to determine if it substantially affects its structure. If your furniture is placed in direct sunlight, avoid natural materials such as cotton and linen because they fade over time. Microfiber fabric and hypoallergenic cushion fill are ideal for people with allergies since they don’t attract dust. Outdoor materials that are stain-resistant, distressed leather, and vinyl are suitable for families with children and dogs. Besides these options, consider deep cleaning your upholstery whenever you have the time.



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