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Tips for Organizing Your Kid’s Closet

organizing your child's closet


Imagine the scenario where your kid is running late for school or your family has a dinner party to rush to immediately and you can’t find your kid’s clothes in their messy closet. It would be a dream to know exactly where each clothing item is and easily find it in those times. It doesn’t have to be impossible. Start with the following tips:


Start with a clean slate

Schedule organizing your kids' closet when you know they won't be home so that you can arrange their closet peacefully without any interference. On the other hand, if your kid is of the age that they can help you out, have them participate in this chore. Then, start with a clean slate. You can't organize a closet, especially for the first time, when it's full. Take everything out for a full closet cleanout. This way,you know what you'll be working with. You'll also know what doesn't belong in your kid's closet and it can be better stored somewhere else. Then, analyze the space available, and plan on where to put all the items. If you try to arrange your kid's cupboard when everything is chaotic and disorganized, it'll take you more time and effort to sort everything out. So, for starters, dump everything outside the closet and then systematically organize it.


Make everything accessible

You don't want your kid calling you every time they want to change their clothes just because they couldn't reach them. So, when organizing your kid's closet, get down to your kid's level physically and think from their angle. Arrange the clothes in a lower rack so that they can get to them even with their short legs. Many parents don't think of this, which is why their kid's closet has hooks hung at the height of 80 inches while the kids are only 4 feet tall, making it extremely difficult for them, and the children to maintain an organized closet even half the time.


Extensively use bins and baskets

According to experts, it is nearly impossible to properly organize a kid's closet and keep it maintained without using bins and baskets extensively. They are mainly used as storage containers for toys, where you can group all the dolls and keep them in one basket and all the model cars in a different bin. There are basket liners so that the small toys or lego pieces don't get lost. Once your kids know which toys are stored in which baskets, they won't have much of a problem finding them and putting them back once they're done playing with them. If you have less space for hanging clothes, you can even use bins and baskets as a built-in laundry container. If you haven't used pull-out baskets yet, you'll instantly become a fan once you buy them and recommend them to others as well. 


Purge the closet regularly

You can look anywhere and everywhere, but you won't find a hack, tip, or tool that'll help you store and arrange years-old clothes, shoes, and toys. The only possible solution left is to purge the closets regularly. Get rid of old shoes. Throw away worn-out clothes. Donate the toys that are no longer your kid's favorite to any charity or a deserving person that you know of. The time after which a closet needs purging varies from person to person, but some experts suggest a purge every three months, while others recommend doing this twice a year. You can even involve your kids by keeping a basket that'll store any item that requires letting go. If they don't use that item for a week, it'll be up for donation or thrown away. Your kids might find it extremely difficult doing it the first time, but they'll get used to it gradually.


Final Take

Amongst the millions of chores that adds to a parent’s daily tasks, you can take the trouble of foraging through your kid’s closet every time out of the list. It’s a bonus element to getting your kid’s room tidier and organized too.


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