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Tips on Brightening Up Your Home

brighten your home

Many homeowners complain about their homes being too constricted and dark. The thing is, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to make your home brighten up immediately. It’s just the trick of swapping a few things around the house and making the most of what you already have. Here are some tips to get you started:


Clean the Windows 

Although quite obvious, a tried-and-true trick that is often overlooked- cleaning the windows can be a great way of bringing light into a dark room. Since windows are the major source of natural light in a house, the dust, dirt, or soot on windows can block some of this light. CleanPacs glass cleaner is the only cleaner you’ll need to wipe down the dirt off your windows. Spraying this simple, eco-friendly cleaner on the windows can be a real game-changer. Even a simple scrub on both sides can give your home a magical glow. Similarly, dirty walls can be the reason why your home has a dingy look and having them cleaned and washed thoroughly at least once a year can be of great help. 


Using Mirrors to Their Full Potential

Many homeowners are aware of the effect that mirrors have in lighting up a home, but using them to their full potential can significantly brighten up a home. Placing a mirror opposite a mirror can reflect and amplify the natural light entering a room, making it look brighter while also giving it a spacious look. If a room doesn't have a window, there's nothing to worry about as placing a lamp next to a mirror can give the same result. With light bouncing all around the room, even the darkest corners get illuminated. Also, there's another hack for a windowless room that has a dark and dreary look. A door with a frosted window, or even a storm door, can be an excellent way of introducing natural light. 

mirrors to lighten up the room

Strategically Using Curtains

Your home is your personal space, and there should be no compromise on your privacy. Curtains play the role of being the boundary between the outer world and the inside of your home perfectly. But having those thick, ivory curtains can block natural light from coming through the windows. According to experts in home decor, using sheer curtains with a lighter color will not only maintain your privacy but will also let a considerable amount of light through even when they're closed. A beige-colored drape or grey curtains are a great investment. Another helpful tip is extending the curtain rod beyond the windows. This way, whenever you pull the curtains, they won't block the window and will make them look bigger. 


Playing with Paint

Using vibrant colors to paint the walls can work wonders. Your home doesn't have to have an all-white tone, nor does everything have to be grey or beige. People have used the pastel version of almost all the colors to a great effect. You can even choose a bright color such as green if you're not that into pastels. Paint the ceiling light blue, which creates an optical illusion that imitates a bright sky. Using the colors of the sun, such as red, yellow, and orange, also works in the same way, making it look like the walls are radiating light as well. While you’re at it, don’t forget to buy eco-friendly paints that are a better alternative for the environment.


Adding Greenery and Flowers

Plants and flowers are what your house might probably be needing more than anything else. Let’s not forget how they instantly improve your home’s air quality. Succulents can be a cute addition to your home decor, and if you have a green thumb, there are some beautiful varieties in your nearby greenhouse just waiting to breathe new life into your home. Flamboyant plants with colorful flowers are a perfect remedy for a dark home. If you don’t feel like taking care of plants or have an allergic reaction to them, there's always the option of using fake ones.

kitchen flowers

Final Take

See, you don’t have to knock down the walls and go for a complete renovation when your home feels too dark. Just a few tips and tricks can do the job perfectly! Designers swear by these hacks; maybe it’s time you try them too.

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