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Tips on Celebrating Easter From Home

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Another year, another Easter celebration at home to avoid getting infected amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. While the novel coronavirus has changed a few traditions, like gathering the entire extended family for dinner or letting your kids hunt for eggs running around the neighborhood, you don't have to entirely miss out on celebrating Easter. At the end of the day, it's the holiday spirit that matters the most. Use the following ideas to enjoy the Easter festivities with your family without putting you or your loved ones' health at risk.


Virtual Church Service for the Win

Some areas have completely shut down church services for Easter this year to avoid large gatherings. Others are still allowing it, but with the SOP's in place and a limited number of people. Depending on your local area, you can choose between going to the service or not. However, to keep yourself safe while also fulfilling your religious commitments, tons of churches are hosting virtual services this year. You can search for them and attend the service from the safety of your home.


Connect With Your Loved Ones Online

Easter can never have that festival spirit of joy and commemoration without your friends and family by your side. Unfortunately, the traditional Easter brunch isn't possible this time either. However, that doesn't mean you have to isolate yourself from your loved ones and spend a gloomy Easter. Change into your best outfit, set up the table, and have a virtual video call with your friends and family. Share stories, crack jokes, and cherish each other's presence; it's definitely possible through video calls.


Go Wild on Decorating

Easter is one of the holidays, next to Halloween and Christmas, where you NEED to decorate your home and give it a brand new look from the boring, repeated appearance it has all year around. Get your kids to help you out with this activity. First, you should clean your home before you can get on with decorating. A cluttered, disorganized home is no place for Easter decorations. Give your kids the chores they can handle easily, while you take care of the others. Then, they can decorate their rooms or windows in a fun crafty way while you work on the dinner table or living room. Let your kids enjoy this activity instead of restricting them to ideas. Who knows, they can come up with brilliant DIY decorations.


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Don’t Skip Decorating the Eggs

Eggs get all the attention on Easter, even if your kids avoid them for breakfasts the rest of the year. Use this opportunity as family-bonding time and paint eggs with your kids. Take it a step further and swap for sustainable ideas, such as buying biodegradable or reusable eggs and painting organic eggs with natural dyes. If your kids are bored of the same old painting techniques, try out new ones like marble-painted eggs.

An Easter Dinner Like No Other

You can never go wrong with the traditional family favorites for an Easter dinner. Grab your grandmother's secret lamb recipe and satisfy your cravings for mouthwatering food. Alternatively, if you're tired of the classics or you're on a specific diet plan, there's no limit as there are infinite Easter recipes you can find on the internet. It's a festival and it calls for a dinner spread that'll make you lick your fingers afterward. 

Gather Around for Easter Activities

Easter at home doesn't necessarily have to be a holiday where you lie around with nothing to do the whole day. Make it fun with activities you can enjoy with your family! There are several Easter games you can devise for your kids, like the famous egg scavenger hunts. But, instead of letting your kids outside, hide a few decorated eggs around the house and backyard. This way, you'll have a COVID-friendly egg hunt of your own. You can also set up baking or decorating competitions for your kids. They can help you out with sending gifts and cards to family and friends. Look up eco-friendly gift ideas and teach your kids the importance of being eco-friendly too. And, don't forget to tell them the story behind the Easter holiday in between these activities. 


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Final Take

The ultimate hack behind making an at-home Easter a great one is to incorporate the old ways into creative activities you can reinvent from your home. Use the above tips to get started. There is always room to get your mind running and enjoy this day with your family.

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