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Top Organizational Tips for 2021

organizational tips 2021


As 2021 quickly approaches, it's time to get everything organized to kick off the new year!

You might not feel so confident about your organizational skills. Don’t worry! We have you covered!

These are the top organizational tips for 2021!

Add Towel Racks to Linen Closet

Your linen closet can easily become disorganized as it's used for storage and you probably don't sort through it very often. You can eliminate the clutter by adding vertical towel racks to organize shelves and free up space for all your linen.

You can also keep all your laundry products together and keep them separated for whenever you need them. 

Add Baskets...Everywhere

You may have seen our article about using baskets to organize your home. If not, definitely check that out. 

Baskets can make a massive difference in the organization of your home and maintaining its cleanliness. Adding baskets to different rooms saves you time and gives each item a designated place to call home.

Using small baskets in your drawers, closets, and under your bed can make a massive difference with storing your items and keeping them organized.


rolled shirts


Change How You Fold

If you’re looking to save space next year, there's a handy trick to creating space in your drawers and closets- learn new folding techniques. To increase space is simple: just change how you fold. For example, instead of folding your towels, try rolling them instead. The same goes for the clothing in your drawers. Rolling your towels and clothes not only saves you space, but keeps everything organized.

Hang Your Kitchenware 

Not only is this next tip helpful for organization, but it can add decoration to your walls! Kitchens are usually cluttered with items because it seems there’s never enough room, especially if you love cooking. 

Try adding hooks to the walls of your kitchen to hang pots and pans. To free up space in your drawers, install a magnetic knife holder on your wall. You can also get a used rack somewhere and turn it into a spice rack to free up cabinet space. You can even switch out the store-bought spice containers with decorative ones to hold your spices, for added visual appeal. There are plenty of creative ways to use up wall space in your kitchen to free up storage space elsewhere.


cord keeper


Cord Keeper

Have you heard of a cord keeper? It can be challenging to keep all your electronic cords from turning into a tangled mess. Well, a nifty invention has just made it easier to maintain! A cord keeper is attached to the device and allows you to roll the cord and fasten it with a clip. You won’t have to worry about loose cords all over your house and misplacing them when you need them most. 

This will help all your rooms and office space be cleared from various cords.

Rearrange Your Shoes

Shoes can unnecessarily take up too much space in your home, especially if you own a lot of them. If you own many pairs of heels, try arranging them heel-to-toe to create space. You can also invest in a hanging shoe holder to place on the back of your door. If your front entry has enough space, try placing a basket or cabinet there to store additional shoes. There are many different ways you can store your shoes to free up additional space.

These are just a few tips and tricks you can put into place to enjoy a clutter-free and organized environment as you ring in the new year!

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