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About Us


Our mission is to make our customers lives easier by providing them with quality cleaning products that are eco-friendly and help reduce our carbon footprint. We’re striving for better by allowing our clients to purchase our products from the comfort of their home, eliminating the annoying task of having to go to the store to replace flimsy plastic bottles full of harsh chemicals.

Our system has revolutionized how people can keep their homes clean.

When customers think of our system they think of three key components; order, receive and use.

Who Are We?

We are the innovators of the next generation of cleaning technology. Our dedicated team comes together to help you reduce waste, save money, and clean more consistently, and our products have proven results! Come see for yourself!

Why Join the Club?

To us, the satisfaction of our customers is our primary mission. More than just fast delivery and good prices we believe in the devotion to flexibility within your plan and consistency of quality in our products. With CleanPacs you’re calling the shots.

Dedicated to Greatness

Our affordable plans allow for an automatic refill of your supplies on a timely basis. Our flexibility allows for you to adjust your supply as needed. With our system, you’ll never have to travel farther than your front door for all of your cleaning needs.