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Cindy Miller Schmied:

"I really like these cleaners. The scent is light and not overbearing. They are easy to mix up and easy to use.
The cleaners actually work very well."

Sonnie Mcnally-Frayer:

"Great products! Love how they are so resourceful and environmentally conscious. No excess shipping materials, packaging, or unnecessary waste. I've tried the kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and glass cleaner. All work fantastic. The kitchen cleaner left my counters shinning with no grime or residue left behind. Although the scent of the cleaner could have been more pleasant smelling. The bathroom cleaner got spots off that had been there for a while. It smelt nice. The glass cleaner left my mirrors sparkling. I've cleaned my whole house and still have plenty of cleaners left. The Best part is how the bottles for each product is reusable and NO WASTE! Love these products and what the company stands for. Can't wait to try the laundry detergent next!"

Connie Hawk:

"As a member of the Cleanpacs team, I use these products daily and know they work great. I use them both at work and at home. The kitchen cleaner leaves a refreshing citrus smell behind which I love. As a single Mom, every penny counts. Having a refill rather than buying a new bottle, saves me cash.
These products are safe and so easy to use, assigning cleaning duties to my young children comes without any worry.
Try Cleanpacs will forever change the way you buy and use your cleaning chemicals."

Karan Scipione Seneca:

"I use these cleaners and love them. They work and bonus they are friendly to the environment . You must try.
You will not be disappointed."

Michael Seneca:

"Absolutely amazing products. Eco friendly and safe for the environment.
Check it out!"