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5 Hacks to Prepare for the Rainy Season

rainy season

As much as the rainy season is known for its romantic aura, there's always a list of inconveniences that homeowners have to manage this season. From keeping everything dry from the rain showers to protecting yourself from the cold winds, it can bring you down to your knees unless you're prepared for it.


1. Driving in Rain

You can't keep yourself shut in the house during the rainy season. Something might come up, and you'll have to go for a drive whether or not it's raining cats and dogs. You can ensure your safety and reduce the risk of a crash by following some tips. Rain impedes visibility, so it helps not only you but other drivers too if your headlights are on. If the rain is too heavy, turn on your hazards. Use potato juice to keep the water and ice from sticking to your windscreen, and even science backs this up. The sugar in potatoes keeps water droplets from staying on the glass for too long. One medium-sized potato is more than enough to cover all the glass surfaces. Ensure you’re giving your car a clean sweep with a car wash so that the stains don't settle on the surface. And where possible, choose to travel sustainably as much as you can!


2. Trimming Your Trees

Many people love to have a tree in their front lawn or backyard. That's great, as trees can provide you with numerous benefits, along with increasing the aesthetic beauty of your property and giving it a feeling of home. However, trees can be a significant threat during the rainy season. If your tree isn't well-maintained, the dead or damaged branches are too weak to withstand a storm, and such branches need to be trimmed. Sometimes, the tree itself becomes a liability if it's too fragile and has to be removed before the monsoon season begins. You can do this yourself, but it's preferred to get the tree pruning or tree removal done by your local tree service company.


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3. Some Health Tips

Almost everything about monsoon is perfect, other than, of course, the swarm of microorganisms and viral diseases that come with it. There are several hacks and tips to protect yourself from these and remain healthy. Maintaining proper hygiene and thoroughly washing your hands, especially after a meal, sneezing, coughing, and reentering your home can help keep the viral infections at bay. Eating fresh, nutritious home-cooked food and staying hydrated, along with having adequate sleep, provides your body with the energy to fight any disease by bolstering the immune system. Prevention is always better than cure.


4. Citrus Fruits Aren't Just for Eating

Citrus fruits are famous for their appetizing taste. Even a kid in 2nd grade knows an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Many people love sipping the juice of citrus fruits. But, what you might not know is citrus fruits are amazing at making the insects, bugs, and pests that come with the rainy season run away. You can spray apple cider vinegar with juice from the peel of an orange, and the pesky ants, termites, and silverfish will stay as far away from your house as possible. Another tip to prevent rodents in your home to practice a daily cleaning routine. You can also use the peel as an anti-mosquito cream by rubbing it on your cheek.


5. Preparing Your House for Rain

You won't want to have raindrops leaking from your roof, windows, or doors, as just a few hacks can go a long way in keeping your home safe and dry. Closing your windows and doors is quite an obvious thing to do, but many people overlook it. Even if they're completely closed, a very minute amount of water still makes its way inside. So if you can, move your furniture and electrical appliances away from them as water can damage these items beyond repair. Covering them can also be enough, but many people don't like this idea a lot. Call in an expert to get the drain cleared as leaves, debris, tissues, and paper napkins can clog it. Make sure your roof is in a good condition before the rainy season starts.


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Final Verdict

Each incoming season calls for its list of chores you need to get done with before it arrives, and similar is the case with the rainy season. Make a to-do list and get ready to witness the thunderstorms calmly when you've everything done beforehand.

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