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5 Ways to Go Zero Waste This Month

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Eliminate All Single-Use Plastic

It will be difficult at first, but before you know it, you won’t miss it. Every year, millions of single-use plastics are thrown out, contributing to the overall global waste problem. While using single-use plastic products (i.e., plastic utensils, plastic bottles, plastic bags, etc.) can be convenient at times, eventually, the convenience will be overrun by accumulating plastic on Earth. 

Simple changes to make: buy reusable items. Try reusable straws, utensils, and invest in a metal water bottle to refill instead of relying on plastic bottles. One of the most substantial changes we can make to better our earth is eliminating single-use plastic.Trash can overflowing with trash

Use What You Have

One of the critical principles of eco-friendly living is: renew, reuse, recycle. To protect our environment, we must abide by these principles. If you are trying to go zero-waste, start resorting to what you have before you need to buy it. If you have a rip in your jeans, instead of buying new ones, try sewing them yourself! Use what you have before purchasing new items to contribute to waste.

Even if you need to purchase an item, try to get it used to help minimize waste by utilizing products already available. 

Switch to Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Not only will this change help eliminate plastic, but you’ll be switching to products that overall benefit the environment and your health. Many companies are switching to reusable or eco-friendly packaging to help eliminate waste. This one switch will save millions of single-use plastics from entering our landfills and you can feel confident you’re making a great decision. CleanPacs is a distinctive brand that has cleaning starter kits, and you just have to buy the refill Pacs -- that’s it! You will be reusing your spray bottles to minimize waste.

Start CompostingGreen plant with crystal in female’s hand

Not many people know how to compost, but the good news is - it’s easy! All you do is separate the scraps of organic food products. You might have a compost that picks up from your house, or you can drop off. It’s a great way to help the environment and take responsibility for your recycling. 

Additionally, you can reuse the scraps and quickly grow organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs in your own home! You can research simple ways to replant scraps. You are making this idea suitable for the environment, you, and your budget!

Minimize What You Have

Going zero waste isn't just an action, but a mentality. You have to be in the mindset of less waste. Do you need everything you have? Are there any items that are just taking up space? Try doing a deep clean of your whole home. Donate or recycle any items you aren’t using. Keeping a minimalist lifestyle and mentality will remind you that you don’t need material items. It clears your space and mind. 

Going zero waste might seem intimidating, but taking these five small steps will help promote more remarkable changes. All you need to do is make the first steps, and slowly these changes will become a part of your routine!

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