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6 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas


Every holiday season, US homes generate 25% more garbage than at any other time of year. The materials utilized for gift wrapping account for a sizable portion of this staggering total. The gleaming and sparkling wrapping paper, ribbons, and plastic bows cannot be recycled and hence wind up in landfills. The main issue is purchasing an excessive number of these non-recyclable wrapping materials and decorations and then discarding them once the presents have been unpacked. Following are a few ideas for eco-friendly gift wrapping.


1. Furoshiki

A Japanese wrapping fabric that was historically used to transport possessions but has become a famous eco-friendly gift wrapping method in other cultures. All you need to wrap a gift in furoshiki is a two-sided square fabric and some basic folding techniques. Several different furoshiki gift wrapping alternatives cover a wide range of present types and styles. Use a piece of material you already own to get the most out of it—look for overlooked cloth pieces in your wardrobe or scarf drawer.


2. Kraft Paper

The majority of wrapping paper cannot be recycled. If shiny, laminated paper, or anything glossy, sparkly, or metallic-looking is mixed with recyclable paper, it contaminates the entire batch. This is where kraft paper comes in, as it’s biodegradable AND recyclable. When decorating a present wrapped in kraft paper, let your imagination run wild. Decorate the gifts with natural items such as pine cones, dried herbs, or dried orange slices to complement the rustic aesthetic of the paper.


3. Newspaper

While more individuals are shifting away from printed newspapers and toward digital news, 28.6 million copies of newspapers are being printed daily, and many of us have piles of newspapers at home that need to be used or recycled. There are several ways to turn this simple and basic concept into something profound. It’s one of the many household items you can use in extraordinary ways! Go through your stack of newspapers, for example, and hunt for a fascinating or humorous piece that compliments the present you're giving. Alternatively, pick an unsolved crossword puzzle and use it to create your holiday wishes. 

4. Glass Jar

Another lovely present wrapping - rummage through your shelves for a glass jar that can be reused. If you don't have any jars on hand, keep jars from pickled foods the next time you eat them. Again, simply ask around—your relatives and friends will almost certainly have some extra jars that you can utilize.

Decorate the jar with cinnamon sticks, candy canes, eucalyptus leaves, or carved wooden decors to add a personal touch. If you have any leftover furoshiki wrapping material, use it to cover the top of the jar and tie it up with twine.


5. Gift Bag

It's simpler than you think to find eco-friendly gift bags. To begin, use a multi-purpose bag as a gift bag. People appreciate receiving a present in an eco-friendly tote. Create a personalized tote bag, and the recipient will use it for years. If you enjoy crafts, you may make reusable and eco-friendly fabric gift bags on your own. Look through your closet for pillowcases, scarves, and sweaters you no longer use, and anything else that can be reused but doesn't appear to be worn out or washed out. For example, for wine bottles, the sleeves of a sweater make a great gift bag.

6. Biodegradable Tape

 What binds your packing together is an obvious source of waste: single-use plastic Scotch tape. Consider using biodegradable paper tape or washi tape for eco-friendly gift wrapping. These biodegradable substitutes are created from wood fibers, pulp, or bark, as well as natural adhesives. They come in various designs and colors, including plain brown, and you can even get colorful rolls covered with environmentally friendly glitter.


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