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6 Organizing Mistakes You Need to Avoid


A clean and organized home is what homeowners keep dreaming about because for many, this goal is attainable. Overworking yourself for the perfectly organized home isn't the solution either; you're most likely making matters worse. Here are some organizing mistakes you're possibly making every day and how to avoid them: 


Planning Too Much for the Day

Making a schedule for organizing and clearing your home goes a long way, but making it too hectic can slowly demotivate you to the point that you eventually give up. You need to keep yourself motivated for the chores and make a daily list that doesn’t make you crash on the bed by the end of it. It's good to have that feeling of energy and momentum to clear the mess and organize everything all at once, but this will make you feel overwhelmed in the long run. If you're having trouble decluttering your home every day, you can divide all the work and complete it in 2-3 days to avoid burnout. Many people set the target of clearing and organizing only one room each day.


Ignoring the Kitchen Zones 

You're making the grave mistake of ignoring the zones in your kitchen. You can organize your entire kitchen, but if you're not putting things near to where their frequently-used spots are, you'll be wasting much of your precious time going to the other side of the kitchen to get some spices or pile the dishes. So, it is important to mark your zones and store the relevant things near their zones. You can keep the spoons and spatulas near the oven, the dishes near the dishwasher, and condiments near the stove. Read more on effectively decluttering your kitchen


bedroom/closet organization

Not Decluttering Your Bedroom

The best way to start organizing your house is by starting with your bedroom because that's the place where you spend most of your time. If you're not decluttering your bedroom, you can't organize it. If there's too much stuff and too little space, try using multifunctional items to keep the furnishing as little as possible. Make a drop spot in a corner to dump dirty laundry or other stuff. Whenever you've finished an activity, place everything back in its place. You can even utilize the space under your bed, and you won't even have to be too sophisticated about it. There are countless bedroom organization hacks once you're working on it.


Not Prioritizing Organizing 

If you're having trouble keeping your home organized, this is probably the biggest mistake you're making. If you haven't made organizing your home your top priority, there's no way you can get it done. Many people have tried and eventually failed in maintaining an organized home by clearing the clutter and putting things in their place only in the sparse spare minutes they get. The best way to make organizing a part of your daily routine is by treating it like it matters a lot to you. If you're finding it hard to get motivated, treat yourself with little rewards after completing your planned tasks.


Keeping Broken or Damaged Things

If your house is cluttered, you can't afford another item to make it  messier. It's almost irresistible to throw a pair of pants with a broken zipper in the hope that you'll get it fixed, but if you spend more than half of what it cost you, then there's no use in keeping them. Just think about what it would take to get that coffee machine fixed, including the time it involves. Put a "fix it" basket in a corner of your home where all the broken, damaged, or faulty things go.


organizational baskets

Choosing the Wrong Containers

Containers help tremendously in organizing your home, but sometimes a poor choice of containers can make things fall apart for you. Although an opaque bin containing food items is one step towards decluttering an unorganized mess, you can end up with a big list of expired items. Wired boxes and clear baskets allow you to see through them. This is also very efficient in helping you organize and put things back in their place. If you're putting these baskets or bins on a shelf, don't go for the circle ones. They take up more space than the rectangular or square ones.



Avoiding these everyday organizing mistakes will let you effectively declutter your home quickly. You can finally have the organized home look you've been aiming for, and get moving to other things instead of spending the whole day decluttering. Decluttering doesn't have to be as hard as it looks as long as you're avoiding major errors.

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