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8 Creative Ways to Use Pegboards for Organization


Pegboards lying around your home are a fantastic organizational supply if you haven't already noticed. There's so much clutter inside your home, and these pegboards could help put, or shall we say hang, them in one place. Using pegboards to organize things in your home is definitely a tip that stands out in this year’s best organizational techniques. We're here to guide you through the many ways you could do this!


1. Add More Storage

An essential benefit of pegboards nowadays is as a storage organizer for just about anything and everything. Whether your kitchen needs a place to store those oddly-shaped whisks and spatulas or your garden shed is in dire need of a spot to hang those cords and wires, use a pegboard for the purpose. Anything you put your mind to organize, you can use a pegboard to declutter the floor and cabinet space. 


2. Perfect Accessories Organizer

Small accessories, especially jewelry, scattered around your room without a proper organizing space increases the chances of losing your favorite pair of earrings or that ring you've been waiting to wear. Hang your dainty pieces on a pegboard, or for a more organized look, hang small boxes of different shapes and sizes and separate your accessories in them. Belts can go as they are on the pegboard, and they even give an overall colorful look!


3. Make it a Kids’ Artwork Station 

Your kids’ deserve a space in the house where the art they’ve put all their love into can go. Instead of accidentally tossing them in the trash or taking them out when decluttering paper from your home only because of less space, use a pegboard. Hang the drawings, those hand-printed paintings, and macaroni art. They’ll look so much better brightening up your home than lying there forgotten in playroom drawers.  


4. Organize a Vertical Garden 

For all those garden enthusiasts out there, this one’s for you. If you’ve been thinking of a way to give your garden a whole new look without spending hundreds of bucks on it, a pegboard does the job. Position a pegboard on one side of your garden’s wall and hang pots and planters on it. You can give it a greener look by hanging vines through it too.


5. Motivational Work Space

Everyone needs a motivating aspect to bear with working through the day. Create a motivational work center for your work-from-home space or if your office allows you a private area. You can hang a calendar, motivational quotes, your family's pictures, colorful office stationery, and funny photos that will encourage you to keep going. 


6. An Aesthetic Gallery Wall

Utilizing a pegboard as a home for your pictures is the organizing hack you've been sleeping on. You can customize it according to your creativity instead of going for plain, boring frames for your photographs and damaging the walls trying to put a nail to hang them. Family portraits, landscapes, night skies; they can all go up on this gallery wall. 


7. Headboard for Your Bedroom

Small bedrooms need as much space as you can give them without adding unnecessary furniture. Instead of placing large-sized side tables on your bed, a headboard is a better option. And what better way to save your money AND get an organizing space right above your bed than a pegboard? You can hang items like indoor plants, alarm clocks, mirrors, and small lamps. 


8. DIY Living Room Shelves

Does your living room need a bit of dazzle to brighten up the room? A pegboard can come in handy! Add floating shelves to the pegboard, and it can become the ideal space to place your books and art. Or, maybe make it a key organizer to hang keys of your home, car, garage, etc., without ever losing them. 

Final Verdict

If you've never thought of all these ways to use a pegboard, it's time you do! Redesign your home with this sustainable tip that uses a pegboard, which you would otherwise think is trash.

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