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8 Ways to Transform Your Closet Right Now

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As we enter the new year, although it feels like a change from 2020, we can expect to spend a significant amount of time indoors during the winter to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

While you’re spending time indoors, it’s a perfect opportunity to get work done or tackle different projects.

Your closet is a place that quickly builds up junk and collects dust. You can utilize a closet organizer to efficiently stow all your items and make your life easier.

Purge Your Closet 

Even if minimalism isn’t on your list, purging your closet is a great way to kick off the new year. Sift through all your clothes. What can be donated, saved, or thrown away? You might have items that can be repaired or possibly sold. Purging your closet will help refresh your closet and kickstart your year!


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Give it a Clean Up

Suppose you’re going to start fresh; once you’ve purged and cleaned everything out, it is time to wipe down your closet. Aside from organizing, you want to eliminate all dust, which will be good for your health. 

Use CleanPacs gentle, eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner. You won’t have to worry about harsh and toxic chemicals to clean out your closet. Start fresh — the healthy way!

Freshen Your Closet

Depending on how much space you have, your closet can be its own room. If you walk in the closet, liven up the energy and scent with natural air fresheners. Your clothes and other articles will always smell pleasant.

Use Walls for Space

Cleaning out your closet will give you extra space, but using your walls for extra storage will help give you added space for accessories. You can place hooks onto the wall for necklaces or accessories. Hooks can be used for purses or hats. Get creative! 


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Use Baskets to Better Organize

We’ve talked about the use of baskets for organizing, and your closet is no exception. Utilizing baskets for storage is a perfect way to save space but keep similar items together. It will also help free up your time because you’ll know where everything is. 

You can use baskets to organize drawers and to store shoes and keep them together in one place.

Add Drawers

Once you’ve purged your clothes and cleaned everything out, if you have enough space, implement drawers for extra storage. Even if your closet is not very big, you can create space for undergarments or smaller clothing items in an effort to keep all of your clothing in your closet. This will save you time by keeping articles together while providing organization.


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Match Your Clothing

Depending on your routine and style, try conveniently organizing your clothes. Keep all the same colors or complementing colors together. All similar clothes can be matched together for easy access.

Keep a Small Trash Can

A perfect way to keep your closet tidy and free of any waste is to place a small waste can in the corner of your closet. Often we have lint, dryer sheets, or tags that end up all over the floor—this is a small but effective way to stay tidy.

Although you have to stay indoors, that doesn’t mean you can’t transform your closet!

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