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Cleaning Tips for End of Summer


The kids being off at school for much of the day is one big benefit of cleaning at the beginning of the fall season. With them out of the house for large chunks of time, you may find your end of summer cleaning efforts will actually last a little bit longer. Below you will find a few cleaning tips that will make life easier for you.

Clean Any Outdoor Furniture and Their Cushions

If you’ve got a patio or balcony, you probably have at least a chair or two and perhaps other furniture on it. You may be planning to store this furniture for the fall and especially winter months. You should definitely be bringing any furniture cushioning in before the cold weather arrives especially if you live in an area prone to snowfall. Make sure to thoroughly clean all your furniture and cushions before storing them, and using eco-friendly cleaners to do this will make you and the environment happier.

Clean Your Gardening Tools and Equipment

When spring comes around again, you want to be able to get started planting flowers or whatever strikes your fancy as quickly and easily as possible. By cleaning your gardening tools before putting them away for the fall and winter, they won’t have caked on hardened dirt that will take you time to clean. Also, cleaning them before putting them away will help prevent rust.

Prepare Your Lawnmower

If you’ve got a lawn of any size, chances are you have a lawn mower. Spare yourself some turmoil and trouble when the next spring comes around and clean the grass and any dirt out of your lawn mower now before putting it away for the cold weather. You’ll also want to run it until it runs itself out of gas, so the carburetor won’t become clogged while it’s sitting for months in your garage.

Catch up on Any Kitchen, Bathroom and Carpet Cleaning

Again, because of the start of school, the kids are out of the house longer for your end of summer cleaning. This is an opportunity to catch up where you may have fallen behind on cleaning during the summer. The kids being at school is a perfect opportunity to catch up on cleaning your carpets since you need to ensure they have several hours of not being trampled on to dry. The kitchen and bathroom are areas that not only need to be cleaned in terms of not looking unsightly but also need to be antiseptic to protect the health of your household. Putting the use of eco-friendly products at the core of your end of summer cleaning tips will help make for a clean and healthy kitchen and bathroom.

An Eco-Friendly Solution for Your Family and the Environment

If you’re like many others, you simply go to the store and get whatever cleaning products look best at the lowest price. CleanPacs is a revolution in eco-friendly cleaning that brings a level of convenience to cleaning that we insist upon in so many other areas of our lives. CleanPacs are a kit of cleaning products that you can have automatically shipped straight to your home on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. The kit includes kitchen, bath and glass cleaners at a minimum with more products coming soon. They are simple, affordable, eco-friendly, green seal certified cleaning products that will make your home shine while saving you money over leading brands of cleaners.

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