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Decluttering Your Work-From-Home Area

Declutter your home working area


Homeowners are well aware of the fact that decluttering is an essential part of the routine. It comes before cleaning, and it's more necessary than ever to declutter every day since everyone's at home during the pandemic and your home is bound to get messy. You may declutter the house, but it's of no use if even a single area is left with a disorganized mess all around it. We have the solutions to declutter your work-from-home area in this time with these simple tips: 

Declutter Every Day

If you haven't decluttered in a while, your home office won't be that organized. If you try to declutter it all at once, you'll overwork yourself. As a result, you might not be able to sustain this habit. Instead, if you add decluttering your workspace to your daily chores list, even for 10 minutes, this can help a lot. It seems like a hard, exhausting task, but it'll become a natural part of your routine before you know it.

Plan and Divide Your Decluttering Routine

If you think you can declutter your entire work-from-home area all at once, that's great. But, even if you can't, there's nothing to worry about. It can be intimidating for many people, and at the end of the day, it is best to do what you can easily manage and sustain. Before you dive in, make a plan and divide your home office into different sections. After clearing the surface of your desk, declutter your filing cabinets the next day. Once you're done with the filing cabinets, leave the drawers for the following day. Pick a section, and from there, sweep your office from top to bottom and left to right. Cross off each section in your list once you're done with it. 


File according to color

Organize your Documents

Nothing stands out more than a bundle of disorganized documents lying on top of a surface. Many experts have even called papers the worst clutter culprit. Once you're done organizing these documents, you can see the results for yourself. Don’t fall prey to major organizing mistakes people make when reorganizing an area, though. You can color-code your files or use label markers. This also helps find them as you'll know where you've put the document you're looking for. With advancements in technology, it has become standard practice to digitize all documents and make your work-from-home space eco-friendly. Once you're positive that all your necessary paperwork, bills, receipts, and invoices are backed up regularly, you can recycle the paper copies and reduce your paper waste.

Throw Away the Dispensable Items

Anything that doesn't have a home elsewhere somehow makes its way into a desk drawer. You can almost always find broken pens from a past pharmaceutical job, outdated technology and software, empty ink cartridges, and old books in a home office. People hesitate to throw away items they're not sure they'll ever use again. 9 times out of 10, these items are never used again. If you find it difficult to toss something in the garbage, here's a great tip for you. Every day, once you're done with work and have done your daily decluttering, write down all the items and tools you used in the entire day. Keep doing this for a week or two, and you'll start to notice and separate the necessary tools and equipment from the dispensable items.

Utilize Wall Space

Many people complain about not enough space in their workspace to store all the valuable stuff. If that's your case, too, there's a huge amount of space staring at you, waiting to be utilized. The majority of the home workers ignore this tip. You can hang calendars and a whiteboard or stick post-it notes with daily objectives above your desk. If you use certain files frequently, you can fix a file holder on one of the walls to stack those files there. If a file holder isn't enough, there's the option of hanging roomier baskets in a corner.


Home working desk

Final Verdict

Decluttering, at first, when you're on it after months of overlooking your work-from-home space area will take what will feel like a lifetime. Once you get the hang of it and make it a part of your routine to declutter this space along with the rest of the house, it becomes a piece of cake.


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