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How to Cut Your Laundry Time in Half

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Who here loathes doing laundry? *hand raise* Let’s face it, there’s only so long this task can be postponed! 

Wouldn’t it be incredible to cut your laundry time in half?  Lucky for you, with a little preparation, it’s possible. 

You have no choice but to do your laundry every week, but at least you can make it easier. Just implement these tips into your laundry routine, and you’ll be saving time immediately.

Use a Timer

Believe it or not, using a timer lets you know precisely how long this task takes. Rather than using your phone, use an actual timer to avoid distractions. Using a timer keeps you focused on your laundry tasks and will help improve efficiency. 

Smaller, More Frequent Loads

A simple way to cut your laundry time each week is to wash smaller loads. You can fit laundry in between other tasks, making it easier to manage. It’s a way to be efficient with your schedule each week.


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Create Separate Laundry Baskets 

Separating laundry takes time.  Having baskets/bins in various rooms helps keep everything sorted and ready to go. You won’t have to sort colors from whites, delicates from towels. Baskets for each category will make it easier to create a laundry schedule for productivity and efficiency.

Use Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent 

Using safe and gentle laundry detergent guarantees your laundry will be washed properly. Harsh chemicals or toxins can ruin your clothes. Mild detergent is reliable for your clothes and health. CleanPacs also has lavender-scented options for your laundry detergent needs. 


Create a Laundry Space

Set yourself up for success and save time by creating a laundry area. This will help cut laundry time because it will allow you to keep all the necessary items together, and the organization will reduce the time it takes to do laundry. 

Keeping detergent, dryer sheets, ironing tools, and baskets all in one place ensures you are ready when your laundry is finished. It will eliminate the added time to find all laundry necessities.

Place a Trash Can By Your Dryer

Keep a small trash near your dryer for all trash. It helps to manage waste and keep your laundry space tidy, which saves you time. Managing waste isn’t just good for your space but the environment.


Keep Hangers Handy

Having hangers and a place to hang your clothes in your laundry area will eliminate unnecessary searching when your laundry is finished drying. It will save you time to look for enough hangers. Hanging clothes immediately will also reduce wrinkles since clothes are still warm.


washing machine settings


Utilize Your Settings

Some washers have a delayed setting or WiFI capabilities. The delayed setting allows you to set up your laundry so it starts later. That way, you are home once it finishes. The delayed function can help time your laundry to ultimately save you time.

Save Sheets and Towels for One Day

A way to reduce your laundry time each week is to keep sheets and towels for one day. Since these items revolve changing linens, it can take more time than folding. Keep it simple by saving sheets and towels for one day every week. Save it for the same day for added efficiency.

All these organizational tips will help cut your laundry time down. Although laundry might not be your favorite chore, you can still manage it. Implementing these tips for laundry will free up time for enjoyable activities.

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