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How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

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Fruit flies are nothing less than a complete nuisance. They’ll be swarming over the fruits in the kitchen or gathering over the food you just served on the table. Plus, once they’re there, they reproduce at lightning speed. You’ll quickly have to overcome this problem if you want to avoid a fruit flies infestation in your home. Check out these easy tips to get rid of them. 

Cleaning the Drain

Drains and garbage disposals are one of the most common sites of a fruit fly infestation. The sludge and grime attract the fruit flies, and getting rid of that can help you get rid of the fruit flies. You can seal the top with a plastic bag before you go to sleep, and you'll see the fruit flies trapped in the bag in the morning. Pouring boiling water or using a normal drain cleaner can help remove the sludge and grime, making this a great preventive measure as well. Some experts suggest using bleach, but it's not as effective as the bleach doesn't stay in the drain long enough to drive all the fruit flies away. Moreover, undiluted bleach can also damage the pipes.

Clearing the Trash Cans 

The interior of a trash can sometimes has food residues stuck to it, which can be the reason why you've got fruit flies in your home. To get rid of them, you should clean the trash can thoroughly, preferably with an eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner. Also, you should throw the trash bags away daily. If you're not a fan of daily throwing the bags away, you should cover the trash cans. This step is also a preventive measure because a clean trash can keeps the fruit flies at an arm's distance. 

keep kitchen trash closed

Wash the Fruits

As the name suggests, fruit flies are predominantly found in fruits, especially those that are over-ripe or are decaying. Female fruit flies lay their eggs in such fruits, and thus, they become a breeding ground for future generations. Sometimes, fruit flies can be present in the fruits when you bring them from your local supermarket. For this reason, experts believe that you should rinse and wash the fruits the moment you bring them home. Extra caution never hurts, and if you feel that using water alone isn't enough, you can make a solution that constitutes 75 percent water and 25 percent vinegar. Using this water-and-vinegar solution is also a great way of increasing the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, as this kills the bacteria. If you feel like the scent or taste of the vinegar will linger, you can also give a final wash with water just before you consume the fruit. Throw away any rotten fruit before it becomes an infestation site. Additionally, clean your refrigerator if that’s where you store fruits.

Using Traps

Every animal is attracted to a certain stimulant, which can be exploited in making a trap. Mice love cheese, which is used to lure them into the mousetrap. Similarly, there are three ways of making a fruit fly trap:


  • A Jar Trap: If you put a piece of an overripe tomato or some apple cider vinegar in a jar, it will attract fruit flies. Now, put a paper cone or a funnel with the broader opening towards the outside. As a result, the fruit flies will enter the jar through the funnel or paper cone easily but won't come out. Wait for the fruit flies to die, or put the jar in the freezer to hasten the process.
  • Vinegar and Soap Trap: Add a few drops of dish soap in some vinegar in a bowl, and mix them well. The scent of the vinegar will tempt the fruit flies to enter the bowl, but due to the soap's property of reducing the surface tension, they will drown and eventually die.
  • Plastic Wrap Trap: Putting some drops of old wine or beer in an empty bottle and covering the bottle with plastic wrap can also be a great trap. Poke some holes in the wrap so that the fruit flies can enter the bottle but never leave.

    prevent fruit flies

    Final Verdict

    The trick is to keep your home and whatever groceries you bring from the store clean to prevent infestations. Good hygiene, including keeping your surroundings clean, goes a long way in keeping your home free of bugs, insects, and rodents. Keep a handy cleaner kit in your supply closet that has everything you may need for quick cleaning when it's time to get rid of the fruit flies.

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