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How to Hide Wires and Cable Boxes

hiding wires

Wires and cable boxes are a nuisance, to say the least. They’re unattractive to look at, ruin the overall aesthetics of your home, and someone’s always tripping over them when they’re left out in the open. All it takes is a little effort to get these obstacles out of the way and reintegrate the beautification of your home.

TV Stands

There are various types of TV stands, each for a specific type of TV. Some models are made for flat-screen TVs, while some are designed to accommodate LEDs or OLEDs. If you don't have anything to put your TV on, your TV stand can perform a dual function, mainly to accommodate the TV and hide the jumble of wires and the cable box. You can put the cable box in the stand after pushing it against the wall, and it will hide the cords behind it. Most TV stands have an open back, but if yours doesn't, you can drill a hole in it. Yes, it's not a very bright idea, but it gets the job done, especially if there's no other alternative.


Using Duct Tape

The best way to hide something is to hide it in plain sight. If you have a bunch of wires causing a mess, you can tie them together and cover them with duct tape. To make it even better, you can paint them the same color as that of your wall, and they'll blend perfectly. If you want to add a bit of style to your room, you can buy color concealers, and you won't even have to use paint as you can get them in neutral colors.


Hide Your Printer

Before you hide your wires and cable boxes, you need to do something about your printer if you have one, because you can still endure a couple of wires but a big chunky box that always feels too big to be put on the desk? Baskets come in handy for countless reasons, one of which includes hiding your printer. You can either use a big basket or a cabinet placed near a power supply so that it can only see the light of day that one time in a month. If there's no hole in the cabinet or storage unit for the wire, you can even make one with a utility knife.


book cover to hide wires

Concealing the Router in a Book Cover

Why stop at wires and cable boxes when you can even hide your router? If your router feels out of place, you can put it in a hollowed-out hardcover of a book. This won't only make your problem go away, but if you're into "literature aesthetic," this is, definitely, your thing. You can even hide wires, consoles, and modems in book covers. If you're not comfortable with wasting one of your books, decorative boxes or a binder are some suitable alternates. Or, maybe you can contribute towards a more eco-friendly environment by recycling single-use plastic items for this purpose.


Add Some Greenery

Not only does a little greenery add to the aesthetic beauty of your living room, but it's also perfect for making your cords blend in with the foreground. All this without any upkeep. If you're a plant person and don't mind watering them and looking after them, you can even use indoor plants; they bring more advantages than just being a coverup for wires. Small succulents can give your lounge an extra vibrancy, giving your TV stand a unique look.



If you're focusing more on the wires coming from your TV instead of watching the TV, you need to get a section of cabling that covers and hides all the wires from the TV to the cable box or TV unit. You can even paint it the same color as the wall to make it blend perfectly.


cable ties

Using Cable Ties

It isn't, strictly speaking, a way to hide your wires, but it helps in decluttering the mess. If your wires are too long or there are too many cords, you can tie them together by making coils or cable ties. This helps reduce the risk of slipping on these wires along with giving a stylish, coordinated look.

Final Verdict

You don’t need to throw out your gadgets to get rid of the ugly jungle of cords with these affordable solutions. Next time you’re thinking of drilling a hole in the wall to hide the wires and cable boxes, try these non-invasive methods instead.

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