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How to Properly Clean Your Phone

clean your cell phone properly


Our phones go everywhere with us. We've collectively grown into a society that is dependent on electronic devices, but most conspicuously, our cell phones. Companies are  always releasing  new advancements to cell phones that allow us to take care of everyday needs, like banking, and keep them in our hands. However, we forget that cell phones, like money, are a breeding hub for germs. 

Since we can’t rinse our phone in hot water, we need to resort to other ways to properly clean and disinfect them. 

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic,  cleaning our phones regularly is especially important as it is one of our best defenses for reducing the spread of germs and lowering virus contraction. It’s essential to clean your phone periodically and adequately to better the health of you and others.

At CleanPacs, we have all the tips and household cleaning products you need to keep your phone clean this winter!

Phones Are a Breeding Ground for Germs

Think about how many opportunities to gather germs your phone encounters every week. As much as we try to adapt to the new norm of sterilizing everything, we can forget it all in the moment we rush to pick up our phone. 

But how many germs are really on your phone? Is this a real concern? It is! Your phone can be home to 25,000 bacteria per square inch — that’s a lot. As a day progresses, that number can increase significantly,  and if you don’t consciously remember to clean your phone, those germs will be quickly passed.


turn off your phone before cleaning it


Always Turn Off First

Before you begin to clean your phone, make sure to power down your device and remove  the case or cover. You should wash the body separately, however, it’s essential to clean inside your phone crevices where germs can hide.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Since you cannot stick your phone in the washing machine, you need to clean it well without ruining the surface. Your cell phone can handle random liquid droplets, but concentrated, harsh chemicals can tarnish the outside of your phone.

Alternatively, using gentle, eco-friendly cleaning products to clean your phone can remove bacteria, and you won’t have to worry about ruining your phone in the process. 

We recommend cleaning your phone once a day, since germs spread quickly due to the flu season and COVID surges. Making this a part of your routine will help ensure your phone is always as germ-free as possible.



Disinfect Your Phone

While it’s essential to do a basic cleaning,  wiping your phone down with disinfectant will guarantee your phone is not only washed but disinfected for any residue or germs you might have missed. It’s the last step and will help give you peace of mind. 

Wipe With a Microfiber Cloth

After you have disinfected your phone, use a microfiber cloth to clean off any final residue. When you're sure nothing is left, allow it to air dry for a few minutes to be on the safe side. Microfiber is able to pick up any debris, no matter how small. Plus, you can wash and reuse for next time instead of wasting paper towels.

Make sure you wash your hands before handling your phone again! 

Resort to Safe Cleaning Wipes

In a pinch, it’s tough to clean your phone when you’re out and about. One of the best ways to effortlessly clean your phone while on the go is with cleaning wipes that can be easily thrown out. You can even find alcohol-free cleaning wipes. After you’re done, just throw them away and go about your daily activities!

Alcohol-free wipes will help protect the outside of your phone without rubbing off the outside layer. 

While this might seem like a long list of steps to take to clean your phone correctly, taking these necessary steps will help clean your mobile devices clean and germ-free. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your health! 

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