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How to Utilize Under the Sink Space

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The space under your sink is often ignored as the saying, "out of sight, out of mind" goes. After all, what use is a small area with a giant pipe protruding in the center of it? In reality, there are multiple options to utilize the space under your sink, whether you’re low on storage spaces or you’d simply like to clear out this overlooked dumping ground and rearrange. Quit undervaluing one of the best organizing corners of your house with these tips:

Choose Your Supplies 

Not everything you've already cluttered under-the-sink cabinets belongs in there. Before you organize, you need to clear the space thoroughly. That'll mean a proper cleanup and removing all items, only to decide which ones you'll need later on. Also, get rid of any expired or worn-out items. 

Pick the Right Organizers

Calculate the space under your sink before running to grab all types of organizers. There's a possibility that not every organizer you choose can fit in that space. Use a measuring scale and jot down the length, width, and height of the cabinet. When choosing organizers, keep in mind that you should look for ones that maximize the space rather than opting for organizers only because of their style. 

Bring in the Rods

Placing spray bottles on the surface area of under-the-sink cabinets takes up a lot of space that can be used for other purposes. Instead, get a tension rod and hang it high up inside the cabinet. In this way, you can store your complete cleaner kit using their spray triggers on the rod. A rod can also come in handy for hanging gloves and dish towels.


lazy susan

Use Lazy Susan for Easy Access

Grabbing the supplies in your sink cabinet can result in a catastrophic mess when you're reaching out for items on the back of the cabinet. A rotating lazy susan can make this job a piece of cake without tumbling over anything else. If you have space, go for a double-tier lazy susan for a larger storage area.

Buy a Storage Caddy

Storage caddy might sound like an old-fashioned idea that belongs in the past, but they're an impeccable storage item for under-the-sink cabinets. They don't use too much space, which is ideal for cabinets with a sink pipe in the middle. And, you won’t have to transfer your bathroom cleaning supply from one bathroom to the next when the storage caddy carries everything for you, and you only need to grab it. 

Get a Hold of Stacking Bins

Stacking bins aren't just for stationery items. You can use them for various ideas- one of which is an under-the-sink organizer. Stacking bins are perfect for storing a bunch of small items in one place. You can forget worrying about misplacing your cleaning sponges, cotton balls, or any small appliances.


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Vertical for the Win

Surely the cabinet's doors can't be helpful when it comes to storing items under the sink, or can they? Once you're out of horizontal space inside your cabinet or you need a few supplies within reach, doors can step in and make the process smoother. Hang a spice rack on the door for small objects, or you can use metal hooks to hang gloves, dish towels, and rags, all in one place.

Forget Single Drawers

Why place single drawer organizers in under-the-sink areas when you can use double drawer organizers for more space and convenience? If you're already looking at double drawer organizers, find one with pull-out drawers for maximum accessibility. For ideas- load the bottom drawer with towels, rags, sponges, etc., while storing cleaners and spray bottles on the top shelf.

Final Verdict

There's so much you can do with all that leftover space under your sink if you put a little thought into it! Don't let these ideas restrict you though, keep your creative juices running, and the possibilities remain endless.

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