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Organizing Your Kids' Playroom

Playroom organization


Everyone that has had to manage kids at some point experiences the frustration behind constantly picking up the toys, lego, stuffed animals, etc., from every corner of the playroom. The biggest problem is that it's a never-ending chore. You clear it up, and the kids will create chaos again the next minute they're left unintended. Organizing your kids' playroom can tackle some of that endless mess. Here's how you can do it:

Make Rotation Baskets

Every kid has a big collection of toys. Some of the toys are their regulars, while some are played with only once in a while. A great hack of keeping the playroom organized is to ask your kid to divide all their toys into several rotation baskets. While playing, they can only play with toys in one basket. Once they're done with that basket, they put it back in its place and then play with the toys in another basket. It’s one of the chores your kids can help you out with easily. You can assist them with this if they are not old enough or are having any difficulty. This can also keep your kid interested in all of the toys and enjoy all of them, in addition to keeping the clutter away. 

Make Domains in the Playroom

If everyone in the house knows there is a home for everything, the rest of the decluttering becomes a piece of cake. Divide your kids' playroom into various domains. You can turn the corner into a "reading corner" by putting a comfy bean bag and a small bookshelf there. The area just by the door can be the "art domain" where your kids can express their creativity if they have a thing for art. Even if not, almost every kid enjoys scribbling and doodling. You can place a multi-layered trolley or a rolling cart in which you can keep all the colored pencils, crayons, or chalks.


Reading corner for kids

Throw Away Old Broken Toys

If you're positive that your kids won't recognize if an old broken toy is gone and they won’t have a breakdown because of it, make sure there are no such toys in their playroom. These toys are seldom used and only take up some of the vital space. The best way to thin the toy inventory is by sweeping the room yourself. If you find a broken toy or a puzzle with missing pieces, toss them in the trash without your kids having to see you do it. If they cooperate, you can even ask them to join you. It'll be a nice gesture if you ask them to donate some of the old toys that they've outplayed to a poor kid who might need them.

Make Use of the Walls

Kids love all of their toys, but everyone has that one specific train, kitchen set, or any other toy that's their favorite. Make sure that it’s the toy that’s most accessible. You can use the playroom's walls, and even the door, for this purpose. You can put shelves on the wall for storing the trains or put extra plates with the tea set on them. If your kids love stuffed animals, hanging a net in which you can keep all the stuffed animals is a great idea. If you've utilized all of your wall space, you can even use the door. It can be a great place for hanging a blackboard, and before you know it, it'll blend in with the walls.

Color Coding the Toys

Having more than one kid can be difficult sometimes, especially if they start fighting over the toys. But, if you color code all your toys, this amazing tip can greatly help with that. Baskets come in handy for this purpose. Buy baskets of different colors, and let each child choose a basket of their choice. You can also have a separate basket for the shared toys. If you, and even the kids, know which toy has to go where, this will make the post-playtime cleanup easier and give the room an organized look.


Color coded toy bins

The Verdict

Being a parent or guardian of kids is a full-time responsibility. It comes with its bundle of extra chores. Following a few tips here and there can make the workload slightly achievable on days when you're exhausted. Take it one step at a time and organize your kids' play area. Also, assign your kids to clean the playroom once they've had their playtime. You can add this to the cleaning routine you set up with your kids.

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