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Remove Any Kind of Stain the Correct Way With These 7 Tips

how to remove stains from clothes


You’re just minding your own business when all of a sudden, oh no! You’ve spilled something on your shirt. Not just any shirt, your favorite shirt.

*gasp* What do you do?

Removing stains is no easy task. If you do not handle a stain properly, a stain can last forever and ruin your favorite garment.

Stains on your clothes are inevitable, no matter careful you are. Depending on what the stain consists of, you might need to change the protocol to remove the stain.

Wine Stains

Wine stains are common. Red wine can be near impossible to remove, especially if not cared for immediately. If you happen to get wine on clothing, stick the stain under cool water to dilute it. Red wine has a rich, deep color, so it’s imperative to add water and reduce the color.

Then add a gentle laundry detergent and allow it to sit for 20-30 minutes. Toss the piece of clothing into a washing machine. Add laundry detergent to the wash and clean with warm water.


how to remove grass stains


Grass Stains

You might experience grass stains more often if you have children or if you garden. Grass stains are easy to get. Just kneeling on the ground can create bright green streaks that are difficult to remove. You need to remove any excess grass and then attend to the leftover stain. Usually, you’ll see a faint green color. 

To entirely remove the grass stain, run the garment under warm water, use gentle dish detergent and scrub the stain with the rough side of a clean sponge. You want to scrape away at the grass stain. With little detergent, run vigorously for a few minutes and then rinse under warm water.

Toss the clothing in the washing machine for an extra rinse to help remove the grass stain.

Mud Stains

If you have little children, you’ll expect to deal with mud stains. It’s tempting to throw the clothing into the wash immediately but first, allow the mud stains to dry and then scrape any excess mud off the garment. 

Then, spray the mud stains with warm water to loosen any debris or dirt. Slather gentle detergent on the stains and allow to sit for ten minutes. Once you’ve allowed the detergent to sit, toss it into the washer in warm water and either air dry or throw it into the dryer. 

Get Out Grease Stains

Grease stains are some of the toughest stains to get out. Grease stains might be from cooking oil or motor oil, but they’re equally challenging to remove unless done correctly. The first step is to rinse with cold water and use a dishwasher detergent on the stain to help loosen it up. These products tend to be tough on grease, even if it’s clothing. 

The next step is to slather laundry detergent on the stain and allow it to sit for 20 minutes. Then toss your clothing in your washing machine with a gentle laundry detergent in warm water. If the stain isn’t entirely removed after the first wash, repeat the steps before it dries. 

Since grease stains are difficult to remove, they require extra steps - but it’s worth it in the end!


remove white clothing stain


Stains on White Clothes

Getting a stain on white clothing must be handled immediately, or else it becomes permanent. White clothing absorbs stains more efficiently and is noticeable compared to dark clothes.

Try to separate the stain from other parts of the clothing, if possible, to reduce the stain bleeding onto other areas. First, rinse with cold water and use a gentle soap to clean the stain immediately. You want to get as much color out as possible. Then apply stain remover on the remaining stain.

Never use a dark-colored cloth to remove a stain on white or light colors, as this may serve to darken the stain or create new dye stains from the darker fabric. 

General Stains

Maybe you have an unknown stain, what do you do then? Your best bet is to first rinse with cool water. If you aren’t sure what the stain is, then using cool water will prevent color bleeding. Then, use a stain remover to treat it before throwing it in the wash. 

Delicate Fabrics

If it’s a delicate fabric, we recommend bringing your garment to the dry cleaner as soon as possible. Soft materials usually require special cleaning treatment and if it’s a stain, it’s best to leave for a professional. It will be your best option without ruining your clothing.

We hope this article helped you learn how to remove various stains. Remember to take care of stains immediately to protect your clothing!

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