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Things You Can Throw in Your Laundry Besides Clothes

add more than just clothes to your laundry!


In case you have yet to realize it, a washing machine can do wonders. It's not just responsible for making your dirty clothes look good as new. There's a lot more you can do with it. Many things are lying around your home which needs washing. Although they're not the typical laundry garments, so you never consider washing them with your laundry. In fact, you should! Here's a list of things you can throw with your laundry to have them looking spick and span.


Dog Toys

If you have a dog and haven't been washing its toys, this is your cue. Dirt and grime can accumulate, and since most of the toys are chewed or kept in the mouth by your dog, you need to make sure they're squeaky clean. The hard rubber toys, along with the rope toys, are very durable, so you can even put them in the dryer after they've had a spin in the washing machine. But, if the toy is very soft or in a very bad condition, throwing it in the laundry won't be a very wise decision. 


Stuffed Animals

Your kids' stuffed toys receive a lot of love from them, but they receive even more dirt. Therefore, it's important to wash them in the laundry once in a while, as this affects your child's hygiene as well. It is recommended to take out any machinery present inside. If not, it is not advisable to wash the stuffed animal in the laundry. Similarly, you should not put any plush toys or those with embellishments in the washing machine. Use any regular detergent, give the stuffed animal a spin in cold water, and it'll be as good as new after the wash.

washing toys


People step on rugs with their shoes or slippers, which they also wear while going out. Hence, rugs and mats often become dirty and contaminated with germs or bacteria. Depending upon the material they are made of, rugs are usually machine-washable. Throw them with your laundry at least once a month. Before washing them, give them a vigorous shake and vacuum them. Then, use the detergent of your liking, and use warm water on a gentle cycle. If you use cold or hot water, the rugs may shrink, or the rubber liners on the bathroom mats may crack. Try to wash with laundry of similar colours. 


Mop Heads

Ideally, you should clean mop heads after every use since they're one of the main cleaning tools. Many people don't like the idea of hand-washing the mop heads and instead throw them away. A better alternative is to chuck them in the washing machine and let it do the mundane work. If you're confused about how to do it, the expert advice is to put them in a mesh laundry bag and use hot water and the gentle setting of your washing machine. After the wash, allow it to completely dry before using it again, as this helps prevent any bacterial contamination. Before washing, remove any or all the food particles stuck between the fibres.


Pillows and Pillowcases

Pillows and pillowcases are another one of those items that end up in the trash can just because people don't want to go through the hassle of washing them by hand. Unless they don't have the label "dry clean only" or are made from memory foam or latex, toss them in the washing machine along with your clothes to get them gleaming after the wash. For pillows made of down or feather, it is not advisable to use liquid detergent, while those made of polyester should be washed on the gentle setting of the washing machine with warm water.

throw your pillow cases in the laundry

Final Verdict

Next time you have a pile of dirty clothes to throw in the laundry, consider adding these things as well. It'll give these items a brand new look without going through too much trouble. Although, ensure you're following the product's labels and washing them on the recommended settings.

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