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Tips for Decorating Your Home from Scratch


There is a lot of pressure and tension when you’re decorating your home from scratch- what style suits best, what should you buy, where do you put it, and so many more questions that need answering. The problem is, most people rush into it without planning it out and, thus, the result turns out disastrous. Following are a few ideas to guide you for complete home decoration: 


Choosing the Right Style

The first and the most crucial step in house decorating is picking out a style that goes with your home. To be on the safe side, it’s better to go the same outline for the interior and exterior if you’re not much of a creative person. When picking out styles, take your time and explore various patterns, details, textures, and materials. Additionally, your home should represent your personality, so pick the styles that display your personality. After all, your home is your safe place to decorate it exactly as you want. Common design themes include vintage, modern, contemporary/minimalistic, and transitional (combining traditional and modern approaches).

One Room at a Time

An empty room can trigger anxiety and stress in many individuals. So, instead of trying to decorate your home all at the same time, follow a step-by-step process. Take a deep breath and choose one room for which you've got the design laid out already. This trick will help you organize your journey of decorating from scratch. If you can't decide which room you want to start with, think about which rooms you spend most of your time in. For instance, bedrooms and living rooms should be decorated before guest rooms or the patio. Let out your inner artist and mix and match styles across the rooms. It will give your home more appeal, but make sure to add a unifying element in all the rooms for a smooth pattern. 


Contact the Experts

Decorating your home from scratch can be a lengthy, expensive, and tiresome process. At the same time, while people avoid contacting experts for fear of spending money they could save, doing it on your own can cause various issues. You might not have professional market insight, you might be choosing the wrong materials, or you're just decorating it wrong- these are some cases where having experts by your side can make the process easier. For this reason, you can contact a professional service provider to help you out with the design at reasonable rates. Another option is to contact home designer stores; some even offer free consultation! Instead of moving in the wrong direction and then regretting it later, why not seek expertise on these matters at the start. 

Add the Remaining Elements

The best thing about paint is that you can always replace it. Don't play safe in choosing out a bold or vibrant color for your wall. One of the best tips in the painting process is to paint the wall you want to be the main center of focus in a color that may be a little too bold for your taste. That will be your focal wall, and then use a lighter shade of that color in small accessories like pillows, rugs, or vases to bring the look together. Decorating your home is a marathon, meaning you shouldn’t rush into buying things all at once. Instead, keep your options open. Spending time in a room always gives you more idea on how you want it to look a few months down. Trying to save some from your financial spending? Buying second-hand furniture can be a neat option in this case. CleanPacs can be your trusted source if you need more tips regarding organizing your bedrooms or closets.


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