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Tips to Make the Most of Your Garden Shed Storage

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If you've been using your garden shed as a dump, it's time to turn around this part of your home. Granted that garden supplies and handy tools belong in the garden shed. However, what matters is whether you're throwing random things around and cluttering the space or giving your garden shed the organized look it deserves. Here's how you can do that:


Throw Away Anything that Doesn’t Belong

Your garden shed is not the place for stuff that doesn't have space inside your home. So instead, learn the art of decluttering what actually needs to go out of your home and your garden shed, like worn-out supplies, your kid's old toys, etc. Some other items that absolutely do not belong in a garden shed include valuable metal objects, alcohol, canned food, paint, and glue. 


Deal with the Chemicals

Chemicals are a safety hazard. If there are chemicals in your garden shed and out of place, the slightest slip can cause irreparable damage. And when it comes to homes with kids, all types of chemicals should be out of range. So, keep the chemicals stored in one place- maybe a cabinet or drawer. Additionally, you could put them in a basket; they're handy and help organize these products in one place. Additionally, go with eco-friendly cleaners that don’t contain harmful chemicals.


Get Creative with the Walls and Ceiling

Not all of your garden shed supplies belong on the floor in boxes. They take unnecessary space that you could utilize in other ways. Think out of the box and take advantage of unconventional storage spaces, although they've become pretty popular too, like wall-mounted organizers, ceiling hangers, hooks, pegboards, wall slat systems, etc. The best part is that you can easily hang garden supplies on walls that otherwise take lots of space. There are tons of ideas when you start using your creativity! 


Keep Tiny Pieces of Hardware in One Place

A nail in one corner and a bolt hiding under the table. Your small pieces of hardware are likely all over the place. You'll often need these tiny tools for repairs here and there in your home. So, it's better to store them in one place where you can grab them quickly without turning over your entire garden shed. Use glass containers for this purpose and separate the fasteners into different jars. Place the jars, ideally, on a shelf in one spot.


Foldable Workbenches for When You’re Low on Space

Not everyone has a garden shed the size of their home, and if that's the case with you, you'll have to work with the area you have. Fortunately, there are more small-space options than ever before, including foldable workbenches. Opt for a foldable workbench rather than setting up an entire wooden surface when you're short on storage space. It'll get the job done, and you can fold it afterward and put it away.


Focus on the Electricity and Lighting 

One thing you may not have planned in your garden shed storage redesigning is electricity and lighting. Mismanaged power sockets can result in not being able to use tools like electric drills easily. Therefore, position them in inaccessible corners. Similarly, for a garden shed storage where you'll be spending ample time working on building, repairing, or maybe even breaking stuff, you need light, or this will fail. Invest in proper LED or solar-powered light bulbs that provide ample light to brighten up your garden shed.


Final Take

Once you have these garden shed storage hacks planned out and you're set to get the work done, don't forget about maintaining this space after you've decluttered it. After all, putting in all this work only to make your garden shed a garbage site again in a few weeks doesn't make sense. So instead, to make it manageable, clean your garden shed weekly with the list of your other weekly chores. 


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