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Easily Tidy Up After Christmas With These Tips

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Christmas; the time of the year when family and friends get together for holiday festivities. The holiday season brings spirits of joy, but it also can bring a whole lot of mess with it. After the annual Christmas dinner, cleaning up can seem like a daunting task. With all the dishes to wash, floors to clean, and decors to put away, where do you even start? On the other hand, going from a messy home to a clean one after Christmas can be utterly satisfying. We have a few tips to get you prepared for easy post-Christmas cleaning. With these, you'll have yourself prepared for upcoming New Year celebrations in no time.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Cleanup tasks can seem endless when it's time to tidy up after Christmas. We first suggest making a list of all your tasks. Start with the ones that need immediate attention, such as dishwashing, vacuuming, oven cleaning, etc. Once you finish these immediate items, move  on to the next tasks on your list.  This way, you can tick off chores as you complete them. 


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Storing Decor Items

If you’re someone who throws away their ornaments right after Christmas only to buy new ones next year, don’t! Instead, do the environment a favor by using eco-friendly ways to store these ornaments. The thing is, if you take them off the Christmas tree and pack them carefully, they’ll be good as new for next year too. Grab a few cardboard boxes and old newspapers, wrap the ornaments and place them in the cardboard boxes. Store these boxes away and take them out next year; the decorations will be in perfect condition! Simultaneously, you can also wrap and store the string lights.

Get the Stains Before They Get You!

Christmas will surely bring accidental food and drink stains in various places around the house. Getting rid of  fabric stains from  carpets and upholstery post-Christmas is the goal - however, it can quickly become a nightmare if you let a few days pass and the stains set in. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to take them out.. It’s best to get a fabric cleaner and get to the job right after Christmas festivities, the same day or the next at most. Look for hidden stains on the edges and inners of your furniture. Additionally, keep an eye out for unseen carpet stains under the upholstery. CleanPacs offers a carpet and fabric stain remover kit that’ll help you get rid of the toughest stains.


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Schedule a BIG Laundry Day

With all the dirty tablecloths, towels, fabric napkins, etc., you'll need to schedule a laundry day sooner rather than later. Mark off a specific day so that you're ready for the enormous pile of dirty laundry. Why go through all this trouble? Well, for one, you do need to get all that dirty laundry washed soon. Plus, doing the whole laundry in one day will save you the trouble of having to do it over the course of a few days. Also, be sure to get the right laundry detergent that’ll be able to fight tough stains and make your laundry smell heavenly.

Don’t Overlook the Appliances

Your household appliances, especially refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens, undergo an immense amount of stress  during the holiday season. When you’re cleaning your kitchen once the guests have left, clean the appliances as well. Wipe the interior of your oven with a kitchen cleaner and microfiber cloth. For the dishwasher, add vinegar, place it on the bottom of the dishwasher, and turn on the hot-water cycle. Clear out the food inside the refrigerator and clean it thoroughly before reorganizing it. And voila, your appliances will be good as new!


Final Take 

We admit, tidying up after the holidays can be a lot of work.  But, with the best cleaning products, and a little motivation on your side, your house will be shining. Take a deep breath, and get your home ready for New Years!



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